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How to Merge Your Facebook Fan Pages

by Wendy Chamberlain on July 13, 2012

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With all the constant changes on Facebook, one thing people would love to know is how to combine your Facebook fan pages into the one page.

Over time, many Facebook users end up with one or more fan pages.

You may have created a page when you first got started using Facebook then decided to go in a different direction.

So what do you do with all those fans on a fan page that you no longer use or is not your primary focus online?

Now you can merge your various fan pages on Facebook into the one place

There are several benefits to merging your Facebook pages.

Firstly, it allows you to manage your Facebook fans and activity in one location.

Secondly, you have the ability to promote deals to attract more people to your business and finally, you have an opportunity to attract people who are fond of using location-based services and often check-in on Facebook via their smartphones or tablets.

You do, however, need to meet some fairly stringint Facebook “page merging” criteria.  Unfortunately, this is where the frustration level can start to rise…

How to Merge Your Facebook Fan pages

There are two options available if you want to merge Facebook pages.

Option 1

The first one is the easiest and can be done if you created the pages or if you’re a page admin.

For pages that have the same name with one being a place page, merging can be achieved automatically in just once click.

First, log into your Facebook account and go to the page you wish to MERGE OTHER PAGES IN TO. So, the page you wish to keep.

Then click Edit page on the top.

From the dropdown menu that appears, click Manage Permissions.

On the next page, choose Resources on the left column.

When you click Resources, several options will be shown with Develop your page as the first on top.

Here, look for Merge duplicate pages, that’s the link to click to be able to merge your pages in one go.

how to merge your facebook fan page

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Click Merge duplicate pages and a pop up will give you the option of pages that can be merged together.  Tick the box next to the pages you wish to merge into your primary fan page.

Make sure you are merging INTO the fan page you wish to keep, or into your primary fan page.

Select Merge Pages.

All your fans and any check-ins from your other fan pages, that you are merging in, will be moved across to your primary fan page, the page that you wish to keep.

Note that all the other content from those pages, such as wall posts and photos, will not be copied over and will deleted by Facebook and be lost.

This may not work for you…

I have tried this option, followed the steps to make sure the pages I want to merge in are named exactly the same as the one that I wish to keep and sometimes the words Merge duplicate pages appears and sometimes it does not (mostly not…).

Even with the pages all having the exact same category (such as Local Business & Places => Restaurant/Cafe), I still do not get the Merge duplicate pages option to appear.

I have spent hours trying to get this to work (when it quite clearly should have), tinkering with small changes, but sometimes, you just have to accept Facebook has a number of “features” and this is one of them.

If you have done all the steps and are still not presented with the menu option to Merge, you may have to look at Option 2…

Option 2

If Option 1 is not available to you, time to switch to plan B!

Facebook appears to have simplied this process. Please read my latest blog post here for the current link and process to follow.

Below is the old process, for completeness.

For the second option, first get all the urls of your Facebook fan pages that you want to merge together. Make sure you copy the correct urls.

Then paste them into a new document or notepad so you have copies (this step helps to keep things straight in your head – you do not want to be merging your primary page into pages you wish to get rid of).

Remember also, you need to make sure that you copy any details that are on the pages you are going to merge into your primary page (posts, photos, videos, testimonials and everything from the page), as once the merge takes place, you will no longer have access to this information – Facebook will delete it.

When a fan page merge happens, you only keep your fans and check-ins.  Everything else on your old pages will be gone.

When merging fan pages, your fans will combine into the one page, but it does not necessarily mean that if you have 400 fans on each page, you will get a total of 800 fans when your pages are merged.  Some people on one page may also be fans of your other page.

The Facebook URL you need to start the merge process

The most important step to do here after you’ve copied everything from the page you’re going to give up is to send a request to Facebook.


You can go to this link to do that:

While on this page, you need to confirm two things.

First is that you are the administrator of the page.

Click Image to Enlarge

Once you’ve confirmed that, next, you are not reporting a page, you are requesting a merge.

Click the option that says “No, I just want to merge request the inauthentic pages with my page.”

Upon clicking, it will open up a form that you need to fill out.

Click Image to Enlarge

Provide the necessary names of pages that you admin and their urls as well as the inauthentic pages that you would like to merge with your main page.

Note: here is where you need to make sure you get your fan page URLs right (remember, earlier I suggested you copy them to a notepad.  This is why).

When you’ve added the Page URLs for pages you wish to merge into your primary page, click the Send button.

Your request can take several hours up to two days to complete.

One final hurdle you may encounter here

One issue I ran into here was that Facebook gave me an error message to say that I was not the authentic owner of one of the pages I wished to merge.

By this point, your frustration level (as mine was) could be very, very high.

How to Claim Your Fan Page

What you need to do is claim your page.  As you’d expect, there’s a menu item for that.  However, you won’t always see it…

You’ll find how to do it here.

Good luck!  Let me know how you go.

Leave your comments, frustrations and triumphs in the comments below.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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