Create a Custom Facebook Fan Page Tab

Need to Create a Facebook Fan Page with Custom Tabs?

Why Pay $$$ when you can simply and easily do it yourself?

Are you looking for a simple way to display a custom tab on your Facebook fan page?

Have you already invested your money into getting a Facebook Fan Page created and would now like to save money and create further tabs yourself?

Need to add another tab to your Facebook Fan Page but just don’t have the spare cash to pay someone else to do it for you?

We can help!

You see, you may not know it, but there are lots of free ways already out there to create an amazing looking Facebook fan page without paying thousands of dollars to do it.

Sure, you can do just that. There are plenty of folks out there that will be happy to take your cash off your hands in exchange for creating for you a beautiful looking fan page.

If that’s your deal and you’ve got the spare cash, then go for it.

But what if you could easily and simply create your own professional looking Facebook fan page, in next to no time and, at little or even NO COST.

Would that be of interest to you?

If you’re not technically minded, the last thing you want to spend your valuable evenings or weekends doing is wasting time working out how on earth to get a tab added to your Facebook fan page.

That time is far better spent with family and friends. Wouldn’t you agree?

So what is the solution?

A bunch of clever folks out there have realised that some people are happy to take a little time and let their creative juices run wild and create their very own Facebook fan page exactly how they’d like it.

They know that you’d love to have your own images on there, perhaps your own video and certainly customised information that tells all your visitors and fans about your business, what you do and how you can help them.

These clever folks have provided simple, easy ways for you to create your own customised tabs on your Facebook fan page so that you can create your own personalised page without having to pay $500, $1,000 even $3,000 to get exactly the look and feel you want for your fan page.

They’ve created what you’ll hear called “third party apps”.

I won’t bore you with the technical details, because that’s not important and the “techies” have taken care of making sure it all works behind the scenes.

All you need to know is that you can now create your very own customised Facebook fan page with tabs tailored specifically to your business at the click of a button.

You can literally be up and running with your very own customised Facebook fan page tabs in 30 minutes or even less!

And you won’t have spent thousands to do it!

You’re probably asking…

“What do I need to do next”?

As with many of these things, they’re easy to use once you know how (isn’t everything?).

That’s why I decided to put together a step-by-step manual that outlines exactly what to do and who does what.

There is nothing more annoying than to spend your valuable time and money on trying to get something to work, and you can’t get it to work.

What if you could follow along as you create your own Custom Tab for your fan page, sitting there with a check list to make sure that you get it right, first time?

Well, that’s what I’ve created for you.

A “bible” of the most popular of these sites that let you create a customised fan page for free or for very little cost (certainly not the hundreds or thousands you’d be paying a marketer to do it for you).

Plus, many of these popular sites let you easily and quickly create customised fan pages that suit what you’d like to promote and share in your business.

Ever visited a Facebook fan page and entered a competition? Like to run one of your own right on your own fan page?

These sites let you do just that and by using them you’re also ensuring that you get it right.

Facebook has very strict rules about running a competition and you MUST follow them – to the letter.

With these sites that let you create your own custom fan page tabs you can. How easy is that?!

There’s also loads of other cool features that you can add to your tab on your fan page to encourage fan engagement, get more followers and really create a community on your fan page.

What kind of features?

Things like a tab that acts as fan gate, where in order for your fan to grab the goodies, they need to like your page first. More likes = more interaction on your page. Yes!

You can run promotions and offer coupons and deals to your fans so that they can experience your products and services as generous discounts.

Like to share your Twitter feed or your YouTube videos? Yep! You guessed it. There’s a tab for that.

From contests (Video Contests, Photo Contests) to sharing your favourite photo gallery, from opt in boxes (to build your email list) and customised lead capture pages to sharing your blog feed, all this is possible (and so much more) all by the addition of a tab onto your Facebook fan page.

Our Create a Custom Fan Page Tab eBook shows you how

How cool is it that all this is available to you at your fingertips, with just a few clicks of your mouse, when you utilise the third party apps these clever techies have built for you.

Yay for techies! ;o) Double yay for making our life easier.

Couple this with our step-by-step eBook sharing with you 10 of the best third party apps out there today, and you really do have a roadmap to get started creating your own Facebook fan pages…

Totally customised to your business, your branding, your message and look and feel in next to no time

Using our Custom Fan Page Tab on Facebook eBook ensures that your finished fan page will always look professional.

And we all like to save a few dollars where we can, right?

Now, there is already a lot of information out there.

So if you have the time, you can spend a few hours searching online to find how to create a custom tab on Facebook.

Then you can spend a bunch more time working out which third party to app to use, which is best for your situation and whether it is going to do the job you want.

The problem is…

The Internet and Social Media are changing so rapidly

This means, more often than not, the information that you find is totally out of date. Quickly!

Not only that, often the information is sketchy at best, there are missing steps in the how-to process, or the information has been written by “techies”, bless their cotton socks, and you need another manual just to decode their “geek-speak”!

You’re in Luck!

I understand how daunting it can be to try and use technology. Particularly when it is a constantly moving target!

That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of 10 of the best applications for you to use to create your very own customised tabs on your Facebook fan page.

In this very special eBook report: How to Facebook: How to Create a Custom Tab on Facebook you’ll discover:

green-tick-how-to-use-face-book 10 different ways to create a custom tab on your Facebook fan page
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book easy, step by step instructions (with actual “live” screen shots!) for you to follow
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book little known low cost & no cost ways to create professional looking customised tabs on your Facebook fan page – we’ve done the leg work so you don’t have to!
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book which applications to use to run contests, sweepstakes, promotions and deals to engage your fans
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book the applications to use to share your photos, YouTube Videos, Twitter feed or blog feed
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book which applications will help you to customise your content, create lead capture pages and opt in boxes to help build your database of contacts
green-tick-how-to-use-face-book plus so much more!

Heard of paint by numbers? This is Fan Page Tabs by pictures!

It could not be any simpler than that and that’s what we wanted to give you – something to make it really simple. Dead easy in fact.

If you know how to use a computer, you can follow our step-by-simple-step, “click and do” instructions to quickly get your Facebook fan page looking just like a professional website!

What’s more, it will be totally customised to look and feel like your own branding and marketing.

Anyone that can send an email can follow the instructions and use our special report. Right away.

In reality, our special eBook report is worth well over $500

when you consider the time we took to research all the ways to create your own Facebook fan page tab.

In fact, you’d pay that or far more for just a basic fan page if you asked a professional social media marketer to do it for you.

We then carefully documented the entire process with very clear instructions and screen captures at each step so that you’d be able to do the same thing, as simply and as easily as possible.

So, Why did I compile this Special Report for you?

So why did I sit down and put together step by step instructions covering 10 different ways to create your own professional looking fan page tabs on Facebook?

Firstly, because someone asked me to. As simple as that.

Secondly, I know that there are hundreds of savvy folks just like you that, with just a little guidance, can create their own fan page tabs that look simply amazing. You just need a roadmap.

Then, you can invest that money that you were about to spend paying someone else to fix up your fan page and channel those funds elsewhere into your business.

That’s it in a nutshell. When you’re in business, every penny counts.

Why spend hundreds or even thousands on a job you can do yourself where you can invest just $47.00 and be up and running in under and hour?

It’s a no brainer really…

One last question…

How long have you already spent looking around online for ways to avoid having to pay $500, $1,000 or even more to someone to create your fan page when you’d rather create your own Facebook fan page tabs?

I’m guessing quite a bit of time, as I know how difficult it is to find step by step instructions detailing for you how to customise your own Facebook fan page and personalise your tabs.

How do I know? I know because we’ve just spent weeks putting this special eBook report together for you! And it truly did take us quite a bit of time to find the best ways out there for you today, to make sure that you had lots of options to choose from.

We found 10 of the best, then documented each option and included for you, easy to follow, step by step instructions on what to do – with pictures!

So what is your time really worth?

If you’re the kind of person that loves to spend hours doing research and work it out for yourself, then this Special Report is not for you.

But if you have better things to do with your time than sit behind a computer and try to find the answer online, find a current method that still works then work out how to apply it to your Facebook fan page, investing in our Special Report may be the best “save a whole heap of time” money you’ll spend on your business this week!

So, if your valuable time is worth more than $47.00, click the link below to order your copy right now.


Only $17.00


how to upload a pdf to facebook30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right! Grab our eBook, read the easy to follow steps to create amazing looking Facebook fan page tabs and if you genuinely aren’t able to find a satisfactory solution for creating a Facebook fan page tab amongst the many options we have outlined in our eBook, simply send us back the eBook and we will refund your money.

P.S. Please Don’t Order this product if you’re looking for a fat book full of fluff. What you’ll get is a mini manual of high quality information that is written by an experienced user of Facebook who uses these methods. With these tested tips, you could get a fabulous result on Facebook and generate new business online!

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Ishtiaq Nasim September 9, 2012 at 1:41 am

You seem to know facebook inside out. Have you created an ebook that is complete in respect to facebook with the title: All about Face book” in which you teach step by step from beginning to the end everthing that one can do with facebook. You come out in piecemeal about facebook every week or so. I want one ebook with every bit of info in it about FB that way I wont have to buy so many ebooks.

Wendy Chamberlain September 9, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Hi Ishtiaq,
It’s a great idea. The issue is the rapid rate that Facebook changes everything. Plus, there is so much that you can do with Facebook, it would be a massive eBook. It’s food for thought though. Thanks for the suggestion.


Wilco September 13, 2012 at 7:23 am

Hey Wendy,

Is it also possible to run sweepstakes and contest with this (on the Facebook tab), just like WP4FB can?

Wendy Chamberlain September 13, 2012 at 9:28 am

Hi Wilco,

Yes, it is possible to run sweepstakes and contests with Facebook tabs. Tabsite has an option for running comps and sweepstakes. So does Shortstack .

Another option is Fan Page Engine.

Most of the third party apps will have this functionality.

I hope this helps.

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