How do Australian Women in Business Use the Internet?

by Wendy Chamberlain on July 21, 2009

Australians now spend more time on the internet than watching TV. A 2008 study by Nielsen Online found that Australians spend 13.7 hours each week surfing the internet. The findings were part of the company’s 10th Australian Internet and Technology Report covering online behaviors, internet users’ profile and media consumption habits.

So what are Australian Women doing on line:

o Women spent one hour or more per week reading and 1.6 hours or more listening to the radio online. In fact, most women are online daily
o 92% surf the net at home whilst 34% access the internet from work
o Popular online activities include reading email (98%), banking (72%) and accessing news, sport and weather updates (72%)
o we’ve seen a 20% growth seen in accommodation bookings and instant messaging
o Research is the top reason for going online followed by education, business and social networking
o Time and money are top barriers to going online
o Technical difficulties and lack of computer at home are other barriers

Active home interenet users in Australia grew by 42,020 from December 2008 to January 2009, making Australia the third top country in internet usuage growth.

o Women use the internet primarily to build and maintain relationships, some for projects, business, educational and personal interests
o The internet supplements the telephone as a quick and cheap communication medium
o In business, the internet allows women to reach wider markets and perform financial tasks
o Other benefits stated included educational opportunities, support and the ability to pursue personal interests not available locally

However 17% are still to try the internet. Technical difficulties still persist, including limitations of dial-up connection speed and reliability whilst acquiring more than basic internet skills remains an issue as a does a lack of interest or a computer at home.

By Wendy Moore, Founder,

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