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by Wendy Chamberlain on March 23, 2010

The internet is a vast information superhighway that requires web users to have basic skills to be able to search for information as quickly as possible. There are millions of websites in existence today and if you don’t know how to search, you just might get lost in cyberspace.

So when it comes to article marketing, in order to attract potential customers and clients in your business niche, what avenues should you be exploring? Other than traditional advertising which can become very costly very quickly, here are a few alternatives to get you thinking.

You may have heard about article directories, press release distribution sites, blogging and link building as equally effective forms of online marketing. What is attractive about many of these methods is that they can be used for free.

Still another way to promote your articles on the internet is through social bookmark networks. Social bookmarking has been in existence since 1996 and can be used to build links, increase traffic and attracting new customers.

Today, some of the most popular bookmarking sites include Digg,, Reddit and StumbleUpon because of their great ability to store information that readers can share online.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a process of locating, storing and sharing files as well as information on websites. What it does is store any web link you want. The links you bookmark are then made available for other people to see and share, thus increasing your traffic.

As well as Article Directories, articles can also be submitted to these social bookmarking sites. It normally requires only a one time registration for you to use it for article marketing purposes. Once an article is submitted to these networks, your article will get the chance to be rated or voted on by readers who may like what you’ve written. The more votes your article gets, the higher its rank will be and the more exposure it gets on the social bookmark site. As you’d guess, once the article achieves wider exposure, more people will read it and eventually visit your site to find out more about you and your business.

But first, you must follow the rules of these social networks in submitting articles. A major rule you need to stick with is to submit only your best and latest post or article. Additionally, don’t submit several articles right away but rather choose your well written and most recent post.

To help your article get a good ranking, initially you may like to invite family, friends and colleagues to vote on what you have written. This is an acceptable move which many writers actually use.

You have to make sure as well that you are using your real identity when submitting your articles. Web users prefer to read articles written by real people and not those with fake identities. Besides, social bookmark networks will know if you use different names. This act is considered unethical and can result in your article or site being banned by the network.

So take the time to learn about how you can utilize social bookmark sites to promote your articles online and increase your potential reach to get in front of your target market.


By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2010 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd

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