Why Articles are a Savvy List Building Tool

by Wendy Chamberlain on April 27, 2010

Why Articles are a Savvy List Building Tool

paintbrushArticles are meant to provide useful information that can positively influence people. We all like to read information that can add to our knowledge or that which can guide us in our daily lives. It is then for this very reason that in writing articles for the internet, we should strive to always keep our target readers in mind.

As a writer and business owner, your aim is to persuade people to believe in the message you are trying to communicate to them and to eventually take action. It’s similar to when you’re convincing a person to try a new and useful product which you have used yourself. The only difference is you’re applying your persuasion skills through writing and your focus is on sharing valuable information rather than the product itself.

To make sure that your article is persuasive enough, put yourself first in the shoes of your target audience. Find out what solutions you can provide to their problems or concerns at home or at work. You can start by asking a question in your article and then providing an answer at the end. Using questions are a popular way of capturing people’s attention.

As you come up with possible solutions, it would be great if you can give valuable tips and strategies. Your readers will appreciate them. Use headings for each tip and provide chunks of information. Another option is to use bullet points or number them if you like to improve readability.

Remember to avoid talking about any product in your article as much as possible because this may discourage your readers. No one likes to be sold to.  You can weave your power of persuasion magic by writing information that people will find valuable in solving their problems. Think about this. Very few people will make a purchase right away. They need time to think about it.

The period that it takes them to make a decision is the perfect time to do the convincing. This is where your article should do the work.

For example, you run a hair salon business. You provide services related to hair care. But again, your article should share information on the more important aspects of hair care rather than talking about your business per se. Talk about the latest hair trends, hair styles, ways to enhance the health of a person’s hair and tips to avoid damaging the hair through constant bleaching and use of harsh products.  People will then naturally see you as the expert and look to you when they decide to purchase.

You don’t need to be formal in writing your articles all the time. Write in the same manner as you’d use when speaking with a friend. Use simple English in order to get your message across and be easily understood by your readers. Add to this, you must make your articles as interesting as possible to capture attention.

Finally, don’t forget to include a captivating author bio at the end of your article. This will let your readers know that you are a genuine person whom they can turn to for valuable information should they need it and you’ll be top of mind when it comes time for them to buy.

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By Wendy Moore
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