7 Cool Strategies for Maximising LinkedIn

by Wendy Chamberlain on November 17, 2010

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There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is a top networking site for business professionals with more than 80 million members. From Fortune 500 company executives to small business owners, people the world over have set up an account in LinkedIn and if you’re yet to do so, you are missing out.

LinkedIn requires members to provide as much information as possible about themselves to attract more connections, be they potential business partners or clients. This social networking site values relationships. That’s the main reason why it encourages members to promote their educational background, job experience and other valuable assets in the best way they can.

Here then are some cool ways you can maximise your LinkedIn account.

Join or create groups.

To connect to more professionals, you can choose groups within or outside your industry that you’d like to be a part of. You can also create your own group and invite others to join you, thereby setting up your own online community.

Post an update.

Similar to other social networking sites, you can post an update on LinkedIn. You can do this on your home page in the Network Activity box. You can even attach a link and share the update using your Twitter account.

Request recommendations.

Utilise the power of social proof! On LinkedIn, you can ask clients and colleagues for recommendations. From various positions you’ve held to work you’ve done for clients, obtaining testimonials from others add credibility to your profile. You can take advantage of this from one of the drop down menu items in your profile.

Give recommendations.

Return the favour! You can recommend other people such as business partners and colleagues as well as companies in return. Recommending them will help build relationships, get you in front of potential new clients and help people get noticed for the skills and services that they offer.

Include a personal message.

If you want to truly connect with people you know or you may know via LinkedIn, make sure to include a message in your invite. This will help them recognise you and shows you’ve taken the time to view their profile. People will be more interested in connecting with you when they know you’re not merely clicking on the invite button and building a list. You are connecting.

Post events.

Whether you speak on a regular basis or organise your own events, the best way to promote them on LinkedIn and get in front of your target market is by posting an event. Go to the More section on the topmost bar and a drop down menu will appear. Choose Events. Click it then Add an Event and provide all the details. Make sure you include a photo.

Q&A section.

Not sure how to navigate LinkedIn or like to know how to use it more effectively? You can always ask a question on the Answers page which serves as the site’s discussion board. You can find this in the More section’s drop down menu.

Also, if you find some interesting topics on this particular page, you can provide answers as well. Just click on the question to share your answer. This is a great way to promote your expertise as each week, a list is provided with the top experts and the corresponding number of answers they have provided. You can view this below the questions portion.

So if you are looking to get more business connections and touch base with your target market, being active on LinkedIn and maximising its features is a great start. If you can, try to be online on a regular basis so as to not miss out on any updates and be seen as a regular contributor.

By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2010 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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