Why You Need to Use Google Analytics on your Facebook Business Page

by Wendy Chamberlain on February 14, 2011

As a business owner, you may be making the most of your online presence via using social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to reach new audiences and promote your products and services.

But are you using the right tools to keep track of who is finding you and how?

What’s the point of going to all the effort of marketing yourself online and connecting with your target market, if you don’t if it is having any effect and you are not tracking your statistics?

If you are savvy, you’ll already know that Google Analytics is a must in any Internet-based enterprise. Google Analytics provide a comprehensive overview of how visitors to your website or blog find and navigate your website/blog. It also offers insights into how to best optimise your online presence.

Grab Google Analytics for Your Facebook page today - ask us how!

Did you know that you can now use Google Analytics to monitor visitors to your Facebook Business page (formerly called your Facebook Fan page)? Whilst many business owners have been aware of, and using, Google Analytics for some time, very few have taken the next step of adding Google Analytics to their Facebook Business page.

Like to know how you can add Google Analytics to your Facebook Business page? Click here to find out how.

With so many people and companies now gravitating towards Facebook for marketing purposes, doesn’t it make sense to track where the eyeballs are heading?

As a business owner, you now need to treat your Facebook business page just as seriously as you do your “official” website or blog. You’ve taken the step of investing time and money in creating a Facebook business page, so utilizing Google’s advanced Analytics tool is definitely the right next step to take.

Facebook Business page Insights exampleWhile Facebook already provides statistics for your Facebook Business page through its Insights, what you’ll find is they are extremely limited.

You’ll only see statistics such as the number of monthly active users, daily new likes, daily post views and daily post feedback.

With Google Analytics, you get a far more comprehensive information snapshot, which includes graphs, maps and specific numbers.

Google Analytics also provides information on the number of visits, page views, pages visited, bounce rate, average time on site, new visits and location of visitors. Can you see how valuable it would be to be able to see exactly where your Facebook business page visitors are spending their time and which tabs they are looking at?

Armed with this information, you can then optimize and market on the tabs that are getting the most visits and traffic. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to add Google Analytics on your Facebook Business page?

Having Google Analytics is really beneficial for any kind of business.

Through this tool, entrepreneurs can keep track of the status of their business and from there take action on how to improve their marketing strategies. Specifically, you can then make changes in terms of improving your website and Facebook business page, increasing conversions and making more money online.

In addition, you can automate Google Analytics for your convenience. Once it is set up properly, you can receive reports right to your inbox as often as you like (eg: weekly) to allow you to review how your Facebook page performed for the week and where the visitors to your page spent their time.

Like to get Google Analytics added to your Facebook Business page? We can help! Click here to find out how.

By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2011 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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swiss June 9, 2012 at 11:08 am

does this still work? I heard it doesn’t

Wendy Chamberlain June 9, 2012 at 11:11 am

Hi Swiss,

My analytic reports for my pages still come in, so I’m assuming it does.

It will only work where you can edit the code on a tab, such as a Static iFrame tab, where you can add the code. It won’t work on third party apps where you don’t have access to edit the underlying code.


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