How to Block a Person on Facebook

by Wendy Chamberlain on September 5, 2011

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Much as we’d like to think otherwise, not everybody using Facebook has the best intentions. Sometimes no matter how careful and professional you are with establishing your connections and networking on Facebook, there are some people whom you may wish to no longer connect to.

If someone on Facebook is causing you issues, you can block them.

Blocking a person on Facebook means you will no longer allow them to post messages and links on your wall. They will no longer be able to see your profile as well as other details and you will also lose any connection with them.

Since blocking will result in a mutual disconnection, both of you will become invisible to each other. You will automatically be removed from that person’s friends list and they will not be able to find you in the search results.

But Facebook keeps things confidential so when you block a person, he or she will not know that you’ve taken such action.

How to Block a Person on Facebook

If you decide to block a person, you can do it through your privacy settings. You can find this on the top right hand side under Account.

Once you’re on the Privacy Preferences page, you will find the Block Lists section with the red button. Click the Edit Lists link.

The next step is to type the name or email of the person and click the Block button beside it.

Doing so will remove any connection to that person.

If in future you’d like to reconnect to that person, you will have to send a new friend request. Keep in mind that since your previous connection has already been broken, simply unblocking that person from your list will not bring back the connection.  You’ll need to start again by sending a new friend request.

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By Wendy Moore
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