How to Upload Your Profile Photo on Facebook

by Wendy Chamberlain on November 12, 2011

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If you’re in business, you should be using social media sites such as Facebook to be seen and heard.

With over 700 million members on Facebook and rapidly growing, it is clear that people utilize Facebook as one of their key places to connect and share information.

One of the most popular activities in this top social media site is uploading photos.  Facebook loves photos and will show photos that you load onto your profile in the newsfeed of your friends in preference to ordinary posts with no image.

Loading a photo is done in various ways such as on albums, on the walls and on profile photos.

The profile picture is essential. This is what identifies you as the person on Facebook.

Users are free to change their profile photo as often as they choose. What matters is you upload a clear picture of you smiling towards the camera that impacts positively on people that see you on the site.

How to Load Your Facebook Profile Photograph

It’s fast and easy to upload a profile picture on Facebook.

Go to your profile page and click Edit Profile with the pencil icon.

This is the last part of the profile information on top of the page just above the series of small photos displayed there.

You will then be directed to the Edit Profile page.

Now click Profile Picture on the top left column below Basic Information.

how to add a profile picture to facebook

On the next page, click browse and search for the photo you want to upload from your computer.

When you’ve chosen your photo, click the Save Settings button below.

How to Remove your Profile Photo on Facebook

If you want to change the picture, click Remove Picture below the photo and browse again from your files stored in the computer.

How to Select Your Profile Photo Thumbnail on Facebook

You can also adjust the thumbnail image that is shown on your News feed page.

To do this, click Edit Thumbnail below the photo. On the page you will be directed to, drag the cross icon on the image on the left to set it to how you want your thumbnail photo to appear.

If you need to know more about setting your Thumbnail on Facebook, read our latest blog post on setting your Facebook Photo Thumbnail here.

Hit the Save Settings button when you’re done.

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By Wendy Moore
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