How to Display Your Blog or Website Correctly on a Smartphone

by Wendy Chamberlain on December 28, 2011

Smart phones are widely used today worldwide by those on the move looking to stay in touch.

In fact, many people use these devices to do a lot of things on the internet including checking their emails and posting and tweeting status updates on their social media accounts.

Other than the iPhone, other smart gadgets in use include the iPod touch, Android, Palm Pre, Samsung Touch and Blackberry Storm or Torch.

In Australia alone, there are an estimated 6 million mobile subscribers with the number of Smartphone users still on the rise.

The number of people having two mobile subscriptions is also increasing.

In the US, 82.2 million own smartphone as at July 2011. That’s over 35 percent of the 234 million people (aged 13 and up) in the US using mobile devices.

More than ever, you need your website or blog to be user friendly and easy to read and use by those accessing it on their Smartphone.

Ever visit a website that has not been enabled for easy use on a mobile device ?  They’re the ones that involve a lot of scrolling around the screen on your Smartphone to see the content and will not display properly.

In many cases, it’s just too hard and your visitor will give up and leave.

Simple WordPress Plugin for enabling mobile display of your website

If you have a blog or website built on WordPress, there’s a simple plugin that you can easily install that will display your site content in an easy to read manner on mobile devices.

It’s called WPtouch.

By using the WPtouch plugin, your blog or website will automatically be transformed into a site that is user friendly to Smartphone users and easy to navigate via a mobile device.

We recently installed the WPTouch plugin for a client and, in a matter of minutes, their site became mobile device friendly, without the need to pay for an entirely new mobile version of their site.

WPtouch will allow your website or blog to have the same look and feel as your full blown site, but when viewed from a mobile device is far easier to navigate.  You can choose which of your site menus to include and even change the favicon that will display on a smartphone for each menu.

Via the admin panel, it’s easy to customize and you don’t even have to change any code on your website.  Just install and customise the plugin.

For authors, publishers and business owners, it is a great advantage to make your site or blog mobile friendly.

Installing the WPtouch plugin will make your site more visible to customers and potential clients that prefer to use their Smartphone to browse the internet.

WordPress users have an edge as this blog platform is very compatible with many mobile devices these days.

How to the Install WPtouch plugin

To install the WPtouch plugin, just log into your WordPress dashboard and click the plugins option on the left sidebar.

Choose Add New.

On the next page, type in WPtouch in the box to search for it.

Then click on the install link and instantly, the plugin will be installed.

You will be informed about it via the message “Plugin installed successfully.”

To activate the WPtouch plugin, all you have to do is to click on the Activate Plugin link.

Finally, adjust your settings by going to the settings option on the left sidebar located in your dashboard.

Then click WPTouch.

Here, you can adjust your font, skin, listing and categories among other options.

Make sure you consider your needs before deciding on what to adjust in the settings.

Do you like to look at blogs and websites using your Smartphone?  Or on your computer?


By Wendy Moore
Copyright 2011 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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