What are Circles on Google+ and How Do You Create Them?

by Wendy Chamberlain on December 2, 2011

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On Google Plus, the newest social networking site powered by the world’s famous search engine Google, your connections are referred to as Circles.

You use this feature to control the people you want to share updates with and the posts you want to see.

This allows, what Google calls, sharing the right stuff with the right people just like what happens in real life.

To get the most out of using Google Plus, it’s essential that you create your circles. Otherwise, it will be a lonely experience for you!

How To Find People to Add to Your Google Plus Circle

Right after signing up on Google +, you will be immediately encouraged to add people to your network or, in Google speak, your circles.

People may be recommended for you such as your existing connections on Gmail. Others can be added by allowing the site to connect with your Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.

Apart from the people you know personally, you can also add popular figures to your circles.

How To Add People to Your Google Plus Circle

To add a person to your circle, simply click and hold on their picture and then drag it onto your circle.

These can be celebrities, public figures and other leaders in various fields. A separate page will be displayed to you where you can select the categories from where to find famous people you can add to your circles.

By adding them, you will be able to keep track of their updates whether in text or photos on your Google + stream.

Organising Your Google Plus Circles

Users have the ability to organize their circles to ensure that the right information is shared with specific people only and not with every one of your connections.

Organizing circles is easy!

Just drag and drop the people you’ve added or or those who’ve added you, to the appropriate circle.

How To Create a New Google Plus Circle

When you first join Google Plus there are some standard circle categories available to you to start with:  friends, family, acquaintances and following or the people you are following.

However, you can easily create new circles and name them according to what suits you.

Just use the blank circle on the left and click the Create circle link.

The latest update on circles is that a use can now share circles. This means that anybody on Google + can now share interesting groups of people with one another.

Sharing relevant information and connecting with the right people are what Google Plus encourages its users to do.

While it’s still in beta form and only a few months old, this new social networking site is already showing a great potential of becoming another place where people can hang out anytime and anywhere they want.

Are you on Google Plus? What have you found handy?  Leave a comment below.

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