How to Edit a List on Facebook

by Wendy Chamberlain on January 21, 2012

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On Facebook, it is possible to organize the people you’ve connected with through the Lists feature.

This not only helps in filtering the posts you see on your news feed, you can choose specific lists for sharing updates with specific people only.

Facebook lists have three main categories:  close friends, acquaintances and restricted.  Plus, you can add your own.

The close friends category is ideal for your best friends or those of whom you want to get updated about more often. Including them in this list will allow you to be notified every time they post on Facebook.

The acquaintances list can include friends or colleagues that you don’t necessarily want to keep in touch with that often. You have an option not to include them when posting a status update by selecting friends except acquaintances in the audience selector section.

The restricted list is meant for people you really don’t want to share updates with. Those included in this list won’t be able to see your posts except only when you tag them in your update.

In addition to the above pre-defined Facebook lists, you can create new lists and add your existing friends to a specific list.

If you want to do so, the steps are easy.

How to Add a Friend to a List on Facebook

First, go to each friend’s profile page or Timeline.

Hover your mouse over the Friends button to show the lists available. Then click on the appropriate list you’d like to add your friend to and they’ll automatically be added to that list.

How to create a list on Facebook

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How to Edit a List on Facebook

If you want to edit your lists, it is also fast and easy to do.

Just click on Home on the top right hand of your Timeline or profile and find Lists in the bottom left column.

If the list you are looking to edit is not shown, click the More button to display all your lists.

How to create a list on Facebook

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Below the Lists section are the specific list categories.  As an example, you may want to add people to the Close Friends List.

How to create a list on Facebook

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Click on the list you wish to modify.  In this example, click Close Friends and you will be brought to a new page.

How to create a list on Facebook

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There are a couple of ways to manage adding friends to a list.

1.  Use the Manage List button in the top right hand corner.

How to create a list on Facebook

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You can then Add/Remove friends or choose update types.

For Add/Remove friends, Facebook will show you a box with a list of your friends.  Click on the names that you wish to add or remove.  Then click Done.

For Update Types, click the link and the following will load:

How to create a list on Facebook

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Via this button, you will be able to modify and filter the types of updates you receive for your friends in a given list.  For example, you may choose to create a list and choose to only show photos from the friends on that list.

Just tick and untick the update you wish to show.

2.  Use the Add Friends to this list box

In the right corner, there’s a box with a plus sign where you can type in the name of a person you’d like to include in the list.  It sits below the heading On this list.

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You can click into the box and start typing a name.  Facebook will refine the names it shows based on the letters you type.  Find your friend, click their name and hit Enter.

Below the Add Friends box, Facebook may also show List suggestions with names of people you might want to add. Beside each name is an Add button that you can click to include that person in your Close Friends list.

You can repeat the above steps for any list you’d like to a create or modify.

Creating and managing lists on Facebook is a great way to make sure that you catch what your friends are sharing.  As you connect with more and more people on Facebook, sometimes an update can get lost in the shuffle.

Adding someone to a list is an easy way to see what they have been up to.

Do you use lists on Facebook?  How do you like to categorise your friends?

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