How to Tag a Person in a Google+ Post

by Wendy Chamberlain on January 4, 2012

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Google Plus, the latest social networking site to hit the web, has been attracting a lot people in recent months – over 62 million users and growing, fast.

According to a recent post on Mashable, Google+ had it’s strongest month ever in December 2011, more than doubled it’s traffic in just one month and, according to one analyst, is on track to reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Time to take note of Google+!

Although many Google+ members have accounts on other social media sites, Google+ offers them the option to connect on a more personal level.

One of the great benefits provided by the site is the privacy that can be enjoyed by users.

With the ability to create subgroups among the people you’re connected with (via the Circles functionality), you can keep certain things private within a circle when you share.

Therefore, you do not have to let all of your connections know about your post as is the case with most of the other social media sites.

Facebook allows custom sharing, but a few more steps are involved to set up a Facebook list versus the simple drag and drop of a circle on Google+.

If you want to include people in your Google+ post, perhaps to mention them as an author of a link you’d like to share, you can freely do so just by using the plus symbol (the + on your keyboard).

If you’d like to mention friends in your circle on your post, all you have to do is type the plus symbol (+) and then start typing the name of the person.

Google+ will then suggest people in your circles to choose.

It’s similar to what you do on Facebook (see our previous post on using the @ symbol in Facebook here) and Twitter only that instead of the @ symbol, you use the + sign.

So when you’re sharing what’s new on Google+, type + followed by the name of the person.

Immediately, an autofill box will show with a list of possible names you might be looking for.

Mentioning only one person in your post will show your message on the stream of that particular individual only and no one else.

However, you can also share your post with the other people in your circles through the share button.

Take note, however, that adding the plus symbol before the name may not always work.  If this is the case for you, simply delete the letters or the name back past the plus sign and then type again.

Cleverly, you can also use the @ symbol to add a person to your post (just like on Facebook).  Smart marketing by Google+ to tap into what people are already used to using to tag a person on other social networking sites.

Mentioning more than one person on your status post is also possible. Again, you just have to type the plus sign before your friend’s name to link your post to their profile.

But do remember that when you’ve already shared your post on Google+, you can no longer mention a friend’s name when you edit it.

It’s only when you’re creating a new post that you can include the names of friends that will link to their profiles using the plus sign.

Have you used the Google+ tagging function yet? How’d you find it? Leave a comment below.

By Wendy Moore
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