How to Add a Person to a List on Twitter

by Wendy Chamberlain on February 19, 2012

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Twitter now has more than 200 million users with half of them actively engaging on the platform every day.

Twitter continues to create new records as well, notably in terms of the number of tweets.

During the recent Super Bowl, considered the biggest sporting event of the year, Twitter traffic peaked at 12,233 tweets per second after the Giants won and 10,245 tweets during the half-time performance of Madonna.

If you’re one of those who wish to interact more on Twitter and easily find those who can inspire you, you need to be following more people.  But with all that tweeting traffic, how can you sift through the tweets to find those from the people you wish to hear more from?

Creating a Twitter list might be the answer.

On Twitter, users have the ability to organize the people they follow into lists.

The List feature is one way of putting people in specific groups which users can label according to their preferences.

It is also a way of getting tweet streams from a specified group of people and even from people you’re not following.

How to add a person to a Twitter List

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How to Create a Twitter List

When creating a list, you need to provide a name for it.

You will then be prompted to classify it either as public or private. A public list can be seen by anybody and any person can follow it.

How to add a person to a Twitter List

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The private list, on the other hand, can only be seen the person who created it. People included in this private list cannot see who else might also be in this list.

Once you’ve created a list, the next step is to add people to it.

You will normally be asked to search for people to add to the list. However, you can also add users by going to their profile page, clicking the lists button and checking the box for the list you wish to add them to from the drop down menu.

Make sure to check the right list you’d like to add people to.

Another way of adding people to a list is to do the usual step of visiting a person’s Twitter profile and following that person. On this page, you can click either the links to followers or following and you can do this from any profile page.

To add a person to a list, simply click the button with a human icon and an arrow next to following and choose Add or remove from lists from the dropdown menu.

You can also add yourself to any list by going to your profile page.

A list can have only up to 500 people and each Twitter user can only create up to 20 lists for the time being. However, this may change in the near future.

You can see the lists you’ve created as well as the lists you’re following on the right hand section of your profile page.

You can even view the lists that are following you. When you click on a list, it will show you a tweet stream of the people included in that particular list.

How to add a person to a Twitter List

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Twitter’s list feature is indeed a great tool. It takes away the burden of having to see numerous tweets on your stream that you don’t necessarily want to read and groups people in specific lists.

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