How to find your Google+ ID

by Wendy Chamberlain on February 13, 2012

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Google+ has been a hugely successful addition to the existing range of social media platforms.

Since its introduction on 28 June 2011, Google+ has rapidly gained users even setting a record for the most number of people signing up in it’s first few weeks.

In addition, a number of third party services and products have also been developed and released for Google+ users.

However, in order to utilise these services including applications, a Google+ user needs to enter his or her ID number.

It’s via this unique ID number that applications are able to access user information on Google+ such as the number of followers and the person’s profile photo.

How to Find Your Google+ ID

If you’re not sure where to look for your Google+ ID, here are the simple and easy steps to follow.

Firstly, log into your Google+ account.

Once logged in, go to your profile by clicking the profile icon (the round one with a human icon).


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When you’re directed to your profile page, check the address at the top of your browser and you will see a URL.

It should look like this —

In this particular URL, the series of numbers (21 in all) refer to your Google+ ID.

How to find your Google+ ID

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This is the shortest way to find your ID.

There is a second, longer way as follows.

First, click your name on the top right hand of your Google+ page and then choose Account Settings from the dropdown menu.

How to find your Google+ ID

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While on your Accounts page, click Profile and Privacy on the left column.

How to find your Google+ ID

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On the next page, you will see your name on the right section of the Google Profiles.

Below it is a URL with a series of numbers at the end. Again, that long sequence of numbers is your Google+ ID.

How to find your Google+ ID

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Right now, it is not possible to obtain an offical custom Google+ URL that you can use to promote on your social media sites unlike what you can do in Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

In the meantime, you can utilise sites like to shorten your Google+ ID and create a URL to use in your marketing.

Having your Google+ ID handy will let you share it easily with friends or link back to your Google+ profile.  Rember, if you link from a high profile page, you have a far greater chance of gaining more followers.

Have you used a shortened URL for Google+ yet?  If so, post it below in the comments so we can connect!

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