How to Mute a Status Update on Google+

by Wendy Chamberlain on February 27, 2012

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Google+ members continue to grow by the day and in response to this the folks at Google are continuously upgrading the platform to provide users with a better experience.

But despite the improvements being made, not everybody is pleased.

Last year, a few months after Google+ was introduced, there were already complaints concerning too many updates from high profile users clogging a member’s stream.

The result was that those who followed these popular people needed to scroll way down to comment on the post or to see other updates in their stream.

Others, meanwhile, simply chose to de-circle (that’s unfriend in Facebook lingo) that high profile person they were following who had a huge volume of updates.

Updates and Notifications on Google+

It is normal for a Google+ user to keep getting updates and notifications about additional comments.

This happens when you post a comment on the status update or post of a person you follow. If the individual you are following is a public figure or a celebrity, for instance, expect to receive a huge volume of notifications every time a person comments on that post.  Because you’ve commented, you are notified of all the other comments as well.

Other times, a post will keep appearing on your stream and you get notifications as more comments are being made on that specific update.

Receiving numerous notifications can be annoying but fortunately, the Google people have provided a solution to this issue.

The feature to use to avoid these numerous updates and comments in your stream is called “muting the update.”

This can be done to an individual’s post that shows on your stream and can be turned on again if ever you decided to get updates from that individual again.

How to Mute a Google+ Status Update

To do this, first login to your Google+ account and go to your home page where you get the updates from people you follow. You are usually directed to this home page also known as your stream after logging in.

The next step is to find the post from the person you no longer want to get updates from and that you want to be muted.

On any update, you will see a small down arrow on the top right corner of the person’s name and post.

Click on that to show the choices from the drop down menu.

How to Mute a Status Update on Google+

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From the options, choose “Mute this post” link and immediately you will no longer see updates from those specific individuals.

You will then get a message that says “No longer seeing this post.”

How to Unmute a Google+ Status Update

If you change your mind or you muted the post by mistake and want to continue receiving updates, you can click the Undo mute link right away beside the success message.

Keep in mind, though, that the Undo mute link is shown only temporarily such that when you visit other pages, it will disappear and you will no longer be able to undo the mute action at another time, should you return to the page.

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