How to use the Facebook Subscribe button

by Wendy Chamberlain on February 6, 2012

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Social media is about connecting with those you know, be they friends, colleagues or industry leaders.

On Facebook, the easiest way to connect with someone is to send a Friend Request.

However, Facebook has already capped the number of friends any one person can have to 5,000.

What this has meant is that once that 5,000 limit is reached, you were not able to friend the person you’d like to connect with.

Enter the Subscribe button.

Facebook has made it easy for users to follow someone on Facebook who is not necessarily their friend. This is done via the Subscribe button.

Through this feature, Facebook users can now choose to subscribe to a person without the need for that person to accept their friend request.

For anyone you choose to subscribe to, you can be selective regarding the posts you see from that person in your news feed. Once you have subscribed to a person’s profile (or Timeline), you also have certain options. You can decide on how many updates and the types of updates you’d like to see.

You have three options – All Updates or everything your friend posts, Most Updates or the volume of posts you normally see and Only Important updates only or the highlights only.

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By default, you are subscribed to see most updates from your friends.

In addition to posts, you can also choose the types of updates to see on your Facebook news feed. This can either be photos from a certain friend, no games or stories from other people, all types or nothing at all from another person.

When it comes to VIPs such as celebrities, politicians, journalists and athletes, you can subscribe to their pages without having to be friends with them.

How To Get The Subscribe Button On Your Profile or Timeline

On your part, you can also let other people who are currently not friends with you get updated on your posts.

You can do this by activating the Subscribe button on your profile. Then, those who subscribe will automatically get to see any posts you’ve set as public in their news feed.

It’s simple to do this.

Just go to the Subscribe Page at and click the green Allow Subscribers button.

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Make sure, however, that you check and adjust as necessary any settings, such as the people who can comment on your posts and the notifications you get.

To check the people who subscribe to you, there’s a Subscribers tab on your profile that lets you find out who they are.

Another benefit with the subscribe button is you can access it even from your smartphone.

How to Unsubscribe from a Person on Facebook

On the other hand, you can always unsubscribe if you no longer want updates from a certain person.

Just go to the Subscribed button below the cover photo and click Unsubscribe at the bottom part of the dropdown menu that appears.

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Do you subscribe to the updates of any colleagues on Facebook?  Have you found this feature handy? Leave a comment below.

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