Facebook Fan Page Timeline: How to custom edit a tab image

by Wendy Chamberlain on March 2, 2012

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how to add a pdf to your facebook fan page

With the roll out of the new Facebook Timeline for pages comes an opportunity to really engage online with your page fans.

Now that the default landing page tab functionality has gone (see my post here on all the changes and how they affect you), getting the attention of your fans when they first arrive on your page is more important than ever before.

No longer can you just set up a landing or “squeeze” tab on your Facebook fan page and direct all the traffic there.

You need to be proactive in connecting with your fans, and one way to achieve this is to create “mini” calls to action by using the image on your tab.

Whilst they have now moved on your fan page (from the left under your profile image, to the right under the cover image), they are still there.  They are just wider, at 760px.

What size image can you use?

Facebook supports the file types of JPG, GIF, or PNG file for your fan page timeline tab image.

The image size to use is 111 x 74 pixels. If your image is larger than this, Facebook will resize it, so best to get the size right so that all your formating is displayed just as you designed it.

How to Customise a Fan Page Tab Image

You can’t change default tab images (such as Likes & Photos), but you can edit the ones that you’ve created.

To edit, hover over the drop down triangle located on the far right of all your tabs and click it with your mouse:


Click to enlarge image

Choose the image you wish to update.  To the right of that image, click on the pencil icon:


Click to enlarge image

Click on edit settings:


Click to enlarge image

In the next window that loads, you then find the heading Custom Tab Image.  Click on Change


Click image to enlarge

Just as you would add a file to an email as an attachment, click browse to add the image you wish to show for your tab


Click to enlarge image

Your image will then be added to the tab:


Click to enlarge image

Note:  I did notice some bugs here – sometimes it adds a random image (one assumes from the default Facebook set of images).  I just kept reloading my image until it showed in the right place.

Navigate back to your fan page (you may have to click OK on the Edit box) and the image for your tab should have updated:


Click to enlarge image

Viola! That’s how you can add custom calls to action for each of the tabs on your fan page, by using a custom designed image to encourage your fans to click and take a closer look.


How are you finding the new look Facebook Fan page with Timeline?  Love it or loath it?  Leave a comment below.

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Wendy Chamberlain March 24, 2014 at 1:33 pm

Hi Aditya,

You need to add an admin to your Facebook fan page in order to display the search bar. Just click the Edit Page on top and choose Manage admin roles. Then type the email address of the person you want to add as admin. The email address needs to be the one associated with that person’s Facebook account. Click save when you’re done and type your password in the confirmation box that shows up next. After typing your password, click the confirm button and immediately, the search bar will be displayed when you go back to your page. Hope this helps.


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