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by Wendy Chamberlain on April 27, 2012

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cheap jerseys Complaint of administrative bloating isn a new one, but the executive compensation reports have given critics another set of numbers to crunch.But the issue, as d said, is bit of a political football, with each party taking aim at each others records as administrative costs have risen over recent decades.fact of the matter is there is too much money being spent in administration, said Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil. Need to reduce the health boards from nine to one Cheap Jerseys free shipping, and one for the IWK.for the Tories to be complaining about the administration cost in health care is a bit rich, considering they created it.By the Tory tally, the province spends $49,975,661 per year on salaries for all administrators. That makes up about 1.3 per cent of the province total $3.8 billion health budget.The Health and Wellness Department has reduced administration costs to 4.85 per cent of the total department budget from 5.1 per cent, said spokeswoman Theresa Hawkesworth, adding that the new percentage is below the national average.The department expects to eliminate up to 19 vice presidents through the merge services initiative, Hawkesworth said.The salary reports contain some surprises.At the IWK, for example, Dr. cheap jerseys

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