She said the school has locking doors on its classrooms and

by Wendy Chamberlain on May 24, 2012

Two 6 year old boys were wounded Cheap Jerseys from china, one critically, along with a teacher at Townville Elementary School while Jeffrey Osborne, the father of the teenager, was found shot to death at a home about three and a half miles away, said Captain Garland Major of the Anderson County Sheriff Office and Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore.Brock was either not armed or did not use a weapon, Smith said, and it was not clear whether the shooter gun had a malfunction that allowed Brock to apprehend the teenager.The shooter is believed to be 14 years old and officials could charge him as a minor, Smith said.The teenager was home schooled and was not a student in the Anderson County School District, according to the Sheriff Office.Emergency medical workers and firefighters, in addition to Brock, saved lives at the school, said Taylor Jones, Anderson County Emergency Services Director.”We had hoped we never use this training,” he said.Classes were canceled at the school, said Joanne Avery, Anderson County District 4 superintendent Joanne Avery said.She said the school has locking doors on its classrooms and cameras that will be used in the investigation.Avery said counseling will be made available to students, who will be contacted through alerts from the school.”This is a very difficult time,” she said.Major, the sheriff captain, said the victims and the alleged shooter are all white and law enforcement does not suspect any racial motivation. The shooting is also believed to have nothing to do with terrorism, Major said.About 280 students were taken to a nearby church, where they were reunited with their families. ET.Officials were at the school within seven minutes.The shooting of Osborne, 47, was reported by his family shortly after the school shooting was reported, police said.

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