How to Repin an Image on Pinterest

by Wendy Chamberlain on June 6, 2012

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It’s a fact that people love to view images more than text, whether browsing in magazines or on the internet.

We’re visual creatures by habit and it’s much easier to quickly look at an image rather than have to read a block of text.

It is for this very reason that a growing number of people are enjoying pinning and repinning images on Pinterest, the latest social media site to be attracting a lot of interest.

You, too, can do the same but first, you need to create an account on this rapidly growing networking site.  I shared just how to do that in my previous post about What is Pinterest here.

Simply request an invitation and within a few days, you will get an email notification informing you that you can now sign up on the site.

After you have registered, you can start sharing images.

How To Share An Image On Pinterest

Upon logging into the site, you will immediately see a lot of images. Most will have short descriptions and some will have prices and longer descriptions.

When you see a photo that you love, you can freely share it. This is called repinning an image.

For most photos appearing on your Pinterest home page, you will see the number of times an image has been repinned.  This information will not show, however, when you view photos from within a specific category, for example.

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How To Repin An Image On Pinterest

To repin an image, just hover your mouse over the photo and you will see three options at the top.

On the left is Repin with the pin icons.

Simply click on it if you want to share it with your followers.

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A new box will then show with several options.

First, choose the board where you’d like the image to stay.

Select your board using the down arrow on the right.

Next, provide your own description of the photo or simply edit what is there.

Here it’s a great idea to also add hashtag (the # symbol) for any topic, eg: #socialmedia or #weddingflowers.  This will make your image easier to find when people search for that topic.

Then hit the Pin It button once you’re done.

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The repinned image will show in one of your boards. It will also be seen in your activity log.

How To See Your Own Activity On Pinterest

You can see your own activity on Pinterest by visiting your profile.

Just click your name at the top right and on your profile, then click on Activity towards the centre under your Pinterst bio.

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As a Pinterest user, you can repin as many images as you like. After all, this is what the site is all about.

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Marwa August 23, 2012 at 5:35 am

I need your help because one of my followers are re-pinnig my pins where my name do not show under the picture which he re-pinned from me.
the usual words we find under any pinned picture is like “marwa attar Via celina joseph” for example,, but in my case this words do not show under the pictures that he re-pinned from me, pleas help me and thank u in advance for your care.

Wendy Chamberlain August 31, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Hi Marwa,

When someone repins your pin on Pinterest, they have the choice of changing or personalising the words that they add to the image.

So whilst you may share an image with your own description, the next person may then change the description to personalise it. There is no way to stop this.


SA November 28, 2012 at 9:42 am

Hi, Wendy. I accidentally repinned a photo that I don’t want. I’ve deleted the photo from my board, but the person’s name is still at the top of my page. How do I get rid of their name/link? Thanks! And thanks for all the info you’ve provided here!

Wendy Chamberlain November 28, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Hi Suzy,

You’ll find details on how to unfollow a person here:

Hope this helps.

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