All ages are invited to join us in this event and yes

by Wendy Chamberlain on July 11, 2012

Q. I sent the screenplay to him before we started shooting, which could well have been the greatest mistake of my professional life. What if he had hated it? He did me a tremendous favor: he refused to read it. NINJA 5K 2016 Roadkill Racing at 865 306 7162 8:00 pm at Horizon Center The Ninja 5K is a timed fun run with designed to be purely about fun and exercise. You can jab step, kick walk, tiger trot, or be fast as lightning if you choose. All ages are invited to join us in this event and yes, you should dress for success! Ninja costumes are highly encouraged and almost required! Break a board at the finish line and break your PR on this lighting fast course..

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