How to Edit a Comment on Facebook

by Wendy Chamberlain on July 6, 2012

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Real time interaction is one of the best things about social media sites like Facebook. Facebook users can connect on their walls via their posts and comments or through the chat box.

Interacting with people is one effective way of sharing views, opinions and experiences irrespective of whether you’re hanging out on Facebook for personal or business reasons.

Business owners who are able to reply to feedback from their fans, customers and readers can expect to build trust with people and improve their credibility online.

There are times, however, when you make typo and grammar errors when typing your comments.

When you are encouraged and inspired to interact with people often, sometimes your fingers type faster than you think and as such, mistakes are bound to occur.

Previously, when you made a mistake you either had to delete your entire comment and start again or just leave the mistake there.

Now, Facebook have introduced the ability to edit your comments. You can actually edit any particular comment you’ve made right in that box where you created it.

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How to edit a comment on Facebook

The steps are very simple.

First, hover your mouse over the comment you want to correct and you will see a pencil icon on the top right of the box.

Click on that and it will show two options – Edit or Delete.

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To edit, just click the Edit option in the dropdown menu.


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You can then proceed with editing your comment or you can delete it completely and write a new one in the same box.


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Once you’re done with your updates, hit your Enter key to publish your comment.

Your new comment will then show the word Edited below it, to show that it has been edited.


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If you’d like to review what you’ve written, just click on that Edited link below your new comment and your previous comments will be shown next.


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A word of warning

Whilst you now have the ability to edit your comments, this does not mean you can hide your tracks.  In effect, this new functionality is a form of “version control” where any user that can read your comment can also click the Edited link to see what you previously wrote.

So if you are using the Edit functionality to fix a typo or to add a carriage return so your comment reads better – great.

If however, you posted a comment that, in hindsight was not what you really wished to say, be careful.  Each version of your comment will still be available online for the consumption of others.

You might be better off deleting your comment entirely and reposting it, in the manner and spirit you wished you had done in the first place.

Have you used this new functionality? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


By Wendy Chamberlain
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