How to Ban a Member of a Facebook Group

by Wendy Chamberlain on November 8, 2012

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Creating a group is one of the great features of Facebook.

This enables people with similar interests to communicate with each other exclusively without non-group members knowing about it.

This makes groups ideal for Facebook users who are members of a particular online or offline group.

Normally, an administrator has the ability to add members to a group so long as he or she is friends with those people. It used to be that Facebook sent an invitation every time a person was added to a group.

Today, however, any administrator of a group can easily add his or her friends to a group without giving those friend invitees the option as to whether or not to accept or decline the invite.

So what do you do with bad eggs or those that are behaving inappropropriately within a group (such as those who randomly spam members)? The easiest thing to do is ban these group members entirely.

How to ban a Facebook group member

A group administrator can remove any person or ban him or her permanently from the group.

To do this, you need to search for the group in which that particular member belongs to.

On your home page or news feed, Groups are located on the left column below the Pages list.

If the group name is already there, click on it. If it’s not there, click the More link on the right above the list of groups.

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You will then be brought to the Group page. On the top right below Notifications, you will see the number of members in the group.

Click on the link to show all the members.

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Look for the person you want to remove or ban from the group.

You will see a cog symbol below his or her name and other details. Click on it and choose Remove from Group from the options that show in the drop down menu.

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A confirmation box will next show with a box that says Ban permanently. Tick the box if you want to ban the person (in addition to removing them) and then click the Confirm button.

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You may also adjust the settings of your Facebook group to avoid problems with members moving forward.

On the top right of the page below the members’ photos, click on the cog symbol and choose Edit Settings from the dropdown menu.

Go to the Membership Approval and choose the Any member can add members but an admin must approve them.

In the Posting Permissions section, you may choose to allow Admins only to post to the group. This will limit interaction on the group, but will give control totally to the group administrator, who will be the only one allowed to post to the group.

Are you sick of people randomly adding you to various groups? What do you normally do? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


By Wendy Chamberlain
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