School leaders deny the allegations

by Wendy Chamberlain on December 28, 2012

School leaders deny the allegations.More >>Actor Kirk Douglas celebrates 100th birthdayActor Kirk Douglas celebrates 100th birthdayUpdated: Friday, December 9 2016 6:26 AM EST2016 12 09 11:26:29 GMTOn Friday, Kirk Douglas marks his 100th birthday. We’re celebrating by taking a look at some of his most famous roles.More >>On Friday, Kirk Douglas marks his 100th birthday. We’re celebrating by taking a look at some of his most famous roles.More >>FORECAST: Cold with highs in the low 40sFORECAST: Cold with highs in the low 40sUpdated: Friday, December 9 2016 5:11 AM EST2016 12 09 10:11:57 GMT.

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