What is Glassboard and How Can You Use It?

by Wendy Chamberlain on December 10, 2012

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There is a new social network that many businesses will find useful. It’s called Glassboard and, unlike Facebook, Twitter and the other popular social media platforms, this one is private.

What is Glassboard?

It’s a private social network for groups.

Through this network, members can enjoy privacy when exchanging messages, photos, videos, other files and even their location.

To date, this one seems to be the most private of all social networks with no privacy settings. There is a free membership level, plus a Premium level offering a more robust version (with additional boards, larger storage plus other goodies).

What gives Glassboard the edge is the fact that it allows members to create boards for specific groups of people sharing the same interest.

People belonging to one board communicate with each other privately. They get to see files shared by other members within that board but don’t see content shared within another board.

In short, everything is strictly confidential and shared between group members only.

There are no advertisements on the site, so you have the assurance your personal data won’t be data mined to be used in ads. In fact, the Glassboard privacy policy states:

“We DO NOT sell, rent, or otherwise share personal information to Third Party companies for marketing purposes.”

It is for this reason Glassboard should peak the interest of businesses looking to share content with clients and customers using the cloud.

To date, most of us utilise a private Facebook group to offer “exclusivity” to our clients, by offering them the ability to privately “network” and connect with other people who may have, for example, purchased a course or attended an event.

Glassboard provides you with an alternative option, without having to worry about your data being sold for advertising. There is none. It appears their revenue model is based around members upgrading from the free version to Premium, not advertising or selling your data to third parties. That’s a refreshing change.

You can use Glassboard both on the internet and on your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc).

Online, you can create an account on Glassboard.com or through your mobile phone. An email notification will then be sent to your inbox containing a link that you have to click to activate your account.

Your account will immediately be verified upon clicking the link.

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Once you have signed up, you can then update your profile.

Click the down arrow on the top right corner beside your name and choose Profile from the dropdown menu.

To upload your photo, click the Choose Photo button and then save your image.

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Next, proceed with creating your boards. Initially, each member will get three boards.

To do this step, look for the Create a Board on the bottom left column and click on it.

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Apart from giving it a name, you can also upload a picture to personalise your board.

A default photo will be provided on each board upon registration but you can always change it through the settings section.

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To be able to add more boards, you have to invite more people to sign up on Glassboard.

It is only when they accept your invitation and create an account that you get to add a new board. You can do this by clicking your personal board on the left column and then Invite on the top right portion of the message box.

A new window will open which shows a box that says “Type email addresses here.”

In the box, you can type several email addresses of your friends and separate each with a comma. Then click Send Invitations to invite them to your Glassboard.

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As the creator of the board, you are referred to as Board Chair and only you have the ability to invite people to join your board.

Sick of being randomly added to umpteen groups on Facebook? Glassboard might be the answer for you.

When you send an invite, the recipient will get a notification on his Glassboard. The person who received it can then click on the link and hit the Join Board button to accept the invitation.

An invitation from Glassboard can be sent and received in various ways – through the Glassboard dashboard, via mobile and email. The email will normally have the subject line “(Name) has invited you to “Board Name” on Glassboard!” and will contain a link that needs to be clicked to accept the invite.

To use Glassboard on mobile phones, you have to download the app. The app is available for those using the Android OS plus as an iPhone app.

When you have a good number of people join your boards, you can start sharing files and messages privately. You can comment on a message and be assured that this remains private. When comments are made on a message, only the original author as well as those who have made earlier comments will get notifications.

Stay tuned as we’ll be showing you in future posts more steps on how to go about using Glassboard to enhance your private social networking experience.

What are your thoughts. Does a private social media platform appeal to you? Share your comments below.

By Wendy Chamberlain
Copyright 2012 Savvy Web Women Pty Ltd


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