How to Upload a Photo, Tag Line and Description on Google+ Community

by Wendy Chamberlain on January 17, 2013

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Google+ allows its users to engage with each other in various ways.

One of Google+’s latest features, Communities, is one avenue where people who belong to the same industry can discuss and share ideas and the latest updates in their niche.

To attract members, a community should be properly named. It also needs to have a tagline and a description to let interested people know what they can gain from joining your group.

As a Google+ user, you can create your own Community and also join other Communities, particularly those related to your niche.

Creating a Community makes you the owner and moderator but you are free to promote members to moderators if you wish.

How to Create a Community

To create a Community, look for the Communities icon on the left column on your home page.

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On the next page, click the red Create a Community button on the top right. Then choose between creating a public and private community.

Click on the type of community you want and provide a name for it. Keep in mind that the name must not be more than 50 characters. Then click the Create a Community button below when you’re done.

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How to Create a Tagline

Once you’ve created your Community, next you need to customize it.

You can create a tagline for your Community to provide other members with more detail about what it’s all about, upload a photo and fill out the About section.

The tagline box sits below the main title of your community.

How to Add a Profile Photo

To personalise your Community, you can choose a profile photo you’d like to upload by clicking the Pick a Photo link.

Follow the steps to upload it and click Set as profile photo button when you’re done.

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The Profile Photo you set for your Community is what people will see when searching for Communities, so make it eyecatching and relevant to what your Community is all about.

How to Add a Description

To provide a description of your community, scroll down to the About section.

Click the Edit link to expand the box. Type or paste in the box the text that provides details of what your Community is about, how you want other members to act and engage within your community and any other relevant information. You can add longer information but only 641 characters will show on the sidebar.

Review your tagline, profile photo and description and when you’re happy with them, click the Save button below.

If you need to change some text in your description, you can go back into it and again, click the Edit link on the top right.

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Have you joined any other Google+ communities? Leave a comment below sharing your favourite Community on Google+ and why.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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Larry October 25, 2013 at 12:06 am

How do you edit a tag line after the community is created?

Wendy Chamberlain October 29, 2013 at 10:27 am

Hi Larry,

To edit your community’s tagline, first go to your community page. Then click on the wheel icon below the tagline and community name on the right of Notifications with a red bell. Next, choose Edit Community from the dropdown menu and make the changes by clicking the tagline box on the next page that displays. Once you’re done editing, click Save and your new tagline will now show.

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