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by Wendy Chamberlain on March 13, 2013

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Tired of downloading and using several applications to get timely information on a daily basis? Worry no more because Google has come up with a new service that’s very helpful to people and has been voted by Popular Science as 2012 Innovation of the Year.

What is Google Now?

Called Google Now, this service gives you the right information at the time you need it most, through your mobile device or tablet.

With just a swipe, you get the latest data that you want instantly. It also has voice recognition capability which means you can ask questions and your mobile will give you an answer straight away. People who have used it say this is a better version of Apple’s Siri.

Google Now, an extension of the Google Search application, works with the Android operating system (the latest called Jelly Bean) by providing users with cards.

These cards contain information and cover various categories from weather, traffic, flights, hotels, next appointment, restaurant reservations and events to sports, movies, concerts, stocks, currency, places, translation, time at home and nearby attractions and events.

As of February 2013, more third-party services have been added as part of its fourth update since launching. These include movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, tickets purchased on Fandango and real estate listings from Zillow.

Relevant Information

All the information provided on the Google Now cards is pulled from the Gmail account of the user. The others are based on the search history and location of the user.

So every time you take action using your different Google accounts, Google Now recognizes them and then displays relevant information that if feels the user will need.
The airline boarding passes functionality, for example, are pulled from emails sent by United Airlines only. Additional airline companies will be included in the coming months.

Those buying movie tickets via Fandango will receive a QR code that can be scanned at theaters. Also, Google Now will give a reminder of the time they should leave to catch the film showing.

In short, this new service from the search giant can serve as your personal assistant. It’s an amazing tool that can help you organize your day and keep you updated on what’s going on around you on a timely basis. And the more you use Google products and services, the more relevant information will be provided to you.

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