How to Set a Board Cover Image on Pinterest

by Wendy Chamberlain on April 9, 2013

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On Pinterest, a user has the ability to organize his or her images through the boards section. Upon signing up on Pinterest, four default boards are provided but any user can add more as he or she goes along.

A board is usually categorized according to specific topics. It is very important, therefore, to choose the right category that fits your niche or the images that you share on this popular social media site.

Also, each board needs to have a title. Again, this should be closely related to the images you are posting. For example, you may have a business related to the wedding industry and wish to create a board all about wedding cakes. Naming your board “wedding cakes” will make it very easy to find on Pinterest for those searching for similar images.

Apart from the category and title, however, there’s another important aspect that you should not forget and this is about setting a cover image for your specific boards.

Normally, Pinterest will provide a default cover image right away from the images contained in a specific board. But you can always change it any time.

How to Set a Board Cover Image

First, you need to log in to your Pinterest account. Then choose the Boards option after clicking the down arrow beside your name on the top right corner.

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On the next page, choose a specific board. Hover your mouse over that board and you will then see the Edit Board Cover link. Click on that link to change the cover image.

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Next step is to select which image you’d like to make as your board cover.

To select, just click the forward and back arrow on the sides of the photo shown to you. When you’ve decided on the image for your cover, simply hit the Set Cover button.

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If you change your mind later on and want to display a different cover image, simply follow the same steps as above.

What is your favourite Pinterest board? Share a link to it below in the comments.

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