How to Create a Hangout on Google+

by Wendy Chamberlain on October 28, 2013

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Holding a video conference is now possible on Google+. No need to pay for a fee because it’s absolutely free on the platform as long as you have a Google account.

This feature is known as Hangout. It allows both voice and video conversations between two up to 10 people. What’s great about this is it works not only on computers but even on Apple and Android devices.

Hangouts bring together people regardless of their geographical location. Whether you’re connecting with family, friends or business partners, this Google+ tool is worth using.

Hangouts works inside Google+ and also on Gmail.

How to Create a Hangout

To create a Hangout on Google+, click the + New Hangout section on the right column of your G+ newsfeed. Then type in a name, email, number or circle to invite them to your Hangout. Or you can simply tick the boxes in the list below next to the name of people or circle you’d like to join you.

You’ll then be prompted to install the plugin to enable voice calls and video chat. Click the install plugin button.

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Once the download is complete, run the app to finish the installation process.

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A welcome note will next appear saying you’re about to join a video call. Click join to start your Hangout.

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Next, let your friends or business partners know that you’d like them to join by clicking the Invite people button.

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The next window is where you can add the names, circles or emails you’d like to join your conversation. You may add a telephone number as well if you want to do a voice chat. Hit submit when you’re finished.

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On Gmail, you need to be logged into your Gmail account first to be able to to use this feature. On the left column, look for the video icon on the middle part on the right of your profile thumbnail. When you click it, you will be directed to the installation page. The same process should be followed to install the voice and video chat feature.

Once you’ve launched a Hangout with some people, you can immediately start a conversation with them via the chat box. Or you can decide to start a video chat right away by clicking the video icon.

The best part about this Hangout is that you can bring it anywhere because it works on mobile devices such as the tablet and your smartphone.

Keep in mind that your friends also need to install the G+ Hangout plugin on their end to enable you to talk to and see each other.

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