How to Make Connections on LinkedIn

by Wendy Chamberlain on October 14, 2013

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LinkedIn continues to be the top social network for professionals growing at an average rate of 2 new users every second. Currently, it has more than 200 million users with 3 million of them in Australia. This professional network is used by 82 of Fortune 100 companies. The network is also considered the best social media platform for startups.

Additionally, more than 2 million companies have also created pages on the site. Right now, more than 2.7 million business pages are in existence on LinkedIn.

To use LinkedIn, one needs to create an account first. Once registered, you will then have to provide as much details as possible about yourself as well as your past and present work experience for a more comprehensive profile.

One of the main objectives of LinkedIn, apart from letting users establish their professional profile, is to allow them to connect with the right people in the industry where they belong.

How to Make Connections

The next most important step to take once you’ve completed your profile is to connect with people. Find former colleagues, business associates and friends through the search box on the top part of the page. As you start typing a name, a drop down list will show up allowing you to immediately choose the person.

How to make connections on LinkedIn2

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On the right part of your profile, you will also see a list of People You May Know with their thumbnail photos, names and current positions. From there, you can immediately connect with the person by clicking the Connect button below his or her name.

How to make connections on LinkedIn

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Once you click Connect, you will be brought to the next page where you need to choose how you know the individual. A default message is included in the box but you can customize it if you want. Click the Send Message button once you’re done to send the invitation to connect.

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Another way to search for people is through the various free online email services. Simply type in your email address on the box provided and then click Continue. Your contacts who are on LinkedIn will then show on the next page.

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Meanwhile when you receive an invite to connect, you have three options — accept, ignore or report as spam. You can Accept right away or check the profile of the person first before deciding on what action to take.

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