How to Create an Attractive Profile on LinkedIn

by Wendy Chamberlain on November 27, 2013

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LinkedIn continues to be the top social network for professionals growing at an average rate of 2 new users every second. Currently, it has more than 200 million users with 3 million of them in Australia. This professional network is used by 82 of Fortune 100 companies.

More than 2 million companies have also created pages on the site. Right now, more than 2.7 million business pages are in existence on LinkedIn.

To use LinkedIn, one needs to create an account first. Once registered, you will then have to provide as much details as possible about yourself as well as your past and present work experience for a more comprehensive profile.

Having a complete profile enables a user to receive more business and employment opportunities via LinkedIn.

Creating a Profile

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A complete profile on LinkedIn is one that reflects a person’s professional information. These include your industry and location, your latest position along with a description, at least two past positions that should also display the company name and years you worked for the firm, your education and skills/expertise.

The summary section is where one can outline his or her specialties. To add your details here, first click Profile on the top page and choose Edit profile from the dropdown menu. Proceed with adding information to your background by scrolling down.

Click the Edit link on the right part of the Summary then add the details you want to include. This section should only show a brief summary of what you do and your business offerings.

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You can add a link to your website or blog as well as files by clicking the down arrow beside the Edit link on the right. Your files can be anything from photos to videos and documents. Once uploaded, they will display below the information on a specific section.

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Additionally, you can rearrange the sections in the Background part by clicking and dragging the black arrow in upright position on the rightmost part of the Edit link. For example, you want a certain section of your work experience to be placed ahead of another one. Instead of typing the details again, all you have to do is simply drag that section using the black arrow to where you want it to placed.

Uploading a Photo

Including a photo in your profile is also very important. This will let people know that you’re a real person. It also helps build trust and credibility not only with your connections but as well as with other people in your industry.

To upload a photo, click Profile on the top page and choose Edit profile. Then click the camera icon on the left part of your name.

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On the next page, browse for the photo you want to add then click the Upload button. Next, decide on who can see your photo then click Save Settings.

Other Information

Apart from the basic information being asked such as your name, address, contact numbers, status and birth date, adding more details can create a more attractive profile. So include the organizations you belong to, any volunteer experience and causes you support, projects and publications you’ve done or where you appeared, the awards/honors you have received in the past and other interests.

You can find these sections in the lower part so just scroll down and add the information there.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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