Twitter Etiquette – Seven dos and don’ts

by Wendy Chamberlain on November 13, 2013

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Don’t #1: Protected Updates

Protecting your updates is fine but not if you’re on Twitter to expand your network. It’s a social networking site so if you’re there, you’re better off to socialise with as many people as you can. Making yourself available exclusively to close friends only is not an appropriate attitude. It’s like shutting your window of opportunity to other people who may just be able to bring you more potential clients in the future.

Don’t #2: No Pic

Not uploading a photo won’t give you results any at all. Come to think of it, nobody wants to connect with a person they can’t see. Seeing someone at least through a picture gives you the feeling that you’re establishing a relationship with a real individual. So never forget to include a close-up photo of yourself in your profile.  Don’t be shy – show yourself to people.

Don’t # 3: No Bio

This is a must. When you create a bio, make it a standout. Be unique by using catchy and descriptive words to let people know what an interesting person you are. Include descriptions that show your expertise in a particular field and the success you’ve achieved. Don’t forget to add details about your human side such describing yourself as a loving partner or doting mother. You being a normal human will draw people to you.

Don’t # 4: No Updates

Perhaps there’s no other social networking site that features frequent interaction like Twitter. That’s the beauty of socialising. You engage in discussions by conversing with the audience and the people who follow you. Frequent updating is essential if you want to have a loyal following so make sure that you always take part in conversations.

Don’t #5: Wrong Type of Updates

When tweeting, think of value. Think of what you can offer your followers that will be useful to them. Your profile page should have information that can positively influence people in their daily lives. Share something interesting, something fresh and funny. If you know of breaking news or trivia that you think has not yet been broadcast, go ahead and be the first to share it. If you can consistently provide value to your followers, they will continue to go to you.

Don’t # 6: Not Following People Back

To follow or not to follow, that is the question. Some people on Twitter are guilty of having more followers than the people they actually follow. This may not be bad at all but later on, you may just find your followers dwindle in number. So how can you solve this issue? Update your profile as often as you can, provide valuable information and follow people as well. Remember that to become a leader, you have to be a follower first.

Do #7: Quantity vs. Quality

While in Twitter, be cautious about getting quality contacts more than the quantity. You may have thousands of people in your list but if they don’t share your interests and don’t understand the things you do, you’re better off with only a fewer number of followers who are more interested in you and your endeavors. The numbers won’t count much if you’re not achieving your twittering goals.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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