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How to Improve Your Social Media Profile for 2014

by Wendy Chamberlain on January 14, 2014

Auditing and cleaning up your social media profile should be in your list of priorities this new year. Some of you may have started on this late last year but for those who haven’t done so, it’s still not too late to change certain details of your online profile.

Keep in mind that first impression is always important hence, improving your online reputation should not be taken for granted. It helps you establish your credibility and gain the respect of existing and potential clients.

Here are steps you can do to ensure that your online profile truly reflects your business and your brand.

Adjust Privacy Settings on Facebook

Facebook makes changes to its privacy policies every now and then and as such, you also need to make sure you adjust your privacy settings accordingly.

For those who use their personal profile for business, it would be a good idea to set your account to friends only. When posting messages, you can also choose the audience with whom you want to share the post.

To do this, go to your Privacy Settings (small lock icon on the top right) and edit the section that says “Who can see my stuff?”

Adjust Facebook privacy settings

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Click the Who can see my stuff? option to expand on the choices available.

Adjust Facebook privacy settings 2

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You will see that the default is set to Public but you can change it from public to friends or custom by clicking on the small down arrow beside the word public. Then choose the audience you want to see your posts.

Adjust Facebook privacy settings 3

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If you want both friends and business acquaintances to see your posts, the best option is to create a custom list.

Search Yourself via Multiple Engines

Check your online profile as well by doing a search of yourself using different search engines. This way, you can find out if there are inappropriate details posted about you in various websites other than your own.

In case you find something unpleasant written about you, make sure to contact the person responsible or the site administrator and request to have the information removed.

Delete Inactive Social Media Accounts

You may have created accounts in other social networking sites but haven’t found the time to regularly update each of them. The best solution is to delete those that you have not visited for a long time. This will make your online profile look more professional to your target market.

There are other ways you can improve on your reputation on the internet. You can read our previous related post here on the Easy Steps to Audit your Social Media Profile.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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