How to Retweet and Add Comments

by Wendy Chamberlain on January 6, 2014

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Social media networks encourage the sharing of content, images and videos. On Twitter, sharing a post is referred to as retweeting.

A retweet is a tweet of another person that you want to share with your followers. Users have two options when retweeting a post.

The right etiquette in retweeting is to click the retweet link below the post of that person or manually copying and pasting the content into a new tweet.

Retweet Without a Comment

If you simply want to retweet, the first step is to take is to hover your mouse over the tweet and click the Retweet link below it.

Retweet a post

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A small pop-up window will then show the post you’re about to retweet and ask you to confirm your action. If you’re sure about it, click the blue Retweet button below.

Retweet a post 2

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This particular tweet will be shared with your followers.

Retweet With a Comment

If you want to add a comment to the tweet of another person that you want to share, you will have to copy and paste the post to a new tweet box. On the new box, make sure to add the letters RT and the author’s username using the @username format. This is a sign of respect to show that you’re acknowledging the fact that the content is not your own.

To add your comment, type it before the RT @username and the message. When you’re done, click the Tweet button below to post the message and be seen by your followers.

Take note, however, that adding a comment to a tweet is only possible if the post is less than 140 characters. If the post already contains 140 characters, your best option is to just click the Retweet link below the post. A character counter is available just below the tweet box to let you know if you need to remove or you can still add some words in there.

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