Getting to Know Your Google+ Icons – Part 2: Chat, Hangouts, Sparks and Pages

by Wendy Chamberlain on April 1, 2014

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Following on from our earlier post on Getting to Know your Google+ Icons where we stepped you through Circles, Profile and Photos, here we take a look at the other Google+ icons such as the Chat, Hangouts, Sparks and Pages.

If you’re new to Google+, you may have noticed several colorful icons used on the site.

Understanding what they mean and how to use them will make it easy for you to navigate around the pages on Google+ and explore all the cool features on the site.

Your Guide to the Google+ Icons


The conversation bubble in green refers to the chat feature.

Members connected with each other now have the ability to engage in a chat conversation on the Google Plus home page. Clicking the name of a person in any of your Circles will immediately open a chat box wherein you can type your message and send it instantly.

This is a fast communication tool that you can use when you need to relay an important message to one of your Circles.

Video Chat – Hangout

A video chat shown in a green video icon is also possible through the site’s Hangouts feature. This allows a multi-person conversation in real time as long as a member invites another who is available at the Hangout.

On the lower right of your Google+ newsfeed, you will find the Hangout icon. Hovering your mouse over it will show a green button that you can click to start a video hangout with friends.


Sparks is shown as the sun icon. This Google+ feature automatically loads articles and videos on the internet to your stream based on your interests.

Google+ Page

Similar to a Facebook page, a Google+ page is most ideal for businesses and brands. This feature allows business owners to connect with their customers and followers. If they like your page, they can recommend you using the +1 or they can add your page to one of their circles so they can be updated about your offerings for the long term. And since it’s Google, you can be sure to be in the search results when people look for your page.

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