5 Ways to Help Build a List

by Wendy Chamberlain on June 9, 2014

There are easy ways you can build your list of regular customers or opt-in list online. You can start with one and then as you get positive feedback, you can try the other ways.

1. Offer a free newsletter.

The newsletter method is very effective in building your list especially if it contains valuable information that people can use in their business as well as engaging graphics and images. Sharing tips and strategies as well as interesting topics will make your newsletter attractive to people.

2. Provide a subscription form.

You can offer your newsletter through a subscription. You can do this by providing a form on your site where visitors can register their name and email address in exchange for a f.ree newsletter. Include a short description of what your newsletter is about and the benefit of signing up.

3. Ensure quality content.

Quality is what most visitors look for in the sites that they visit and in the information (articles, blog posts, etc.) that they read. Quality content equals information that is useful and interesting to read, something that can influence people in their daily lives.

4. Post engaging articles.

Providing well written and interesting articles is one surefire way of attracting people. You can post them not only to your site but in other f.ree article directories and on other social media sites, such as Facebook.  That way, you will be exposed to a far bigger audience as well.

5. Write an ebook.

An ebook need not be very detailed or even professionally written. You can just include a compilation of some of your best articles or tips and techniques. This is a great bonus you can give to your loyal subscribers and a good way to attract more subscribers. You can also offer this as a giveaway for any special events or joint ventures of your friends who have their own websites or product launches.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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