The Value of Pictures

by Wendy Chamberlain on July 28, 2014

If you’re involved with any form of business online, article writing and marketing are great ways to raise awareness of your products and services and to reach a wider audience. They are also effective in promoting your expertise in your particular niche through your author bio at the end of every article.

But it’s not enough to include just pure text in an article. Adding photos to every post notably on your blog or website will attract more traffic. It would also help if you include a close up photo of you in your author bio.

An author bio is your opportunity to provide information about yourself and what you do. It should be short and concise but interesting enough to capture the attention of your readers. Putting a photo of yourself beside it is one way of letting your readers know that you’re a real person.

Wendy Chamberlain bio pic

It might sound strange but people are always interested in seeing pictures of other people and more so, a photo of the author of articles they like to read. A close up photo of yourself that is professionally taken and one capturing you smiling is most appropriate.

Posting photos can also be done on websites and blogs. Pictures add visual appeal to a blog post hence, I strongly suggest that you include them on a regular basis. Be sure that the photo you choose is related to your article or blog post. blog posts

Sourcing your photos should not prove a problem because there are various sites that provide a vast selection of photos on different subjects for free. You can check out the free photos on Google at In case you want higher quality and rare photos, you can use sites such as the that require a small monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Another way of utilizing the value of pictures is to include them in your newsletters. With pictures of yourself and other people as well as products you’re offering, you are creating an impact for the benefit of your readers. For example, a newsletter banner with a photo of yourself or your business achievements is far more attention grabbing than including just a plain one.

Wendy Chamberlain newsletter

For people in the business of selling products and services, posting a photo of your products or office facade will give potential customers a clear idea of what you’re offering. Make sure the pictures are taken at a great angle and in a professional manner.  Consider utilising a professional to get some great signature shots to use on your banners, website or blog. Doing this will add impact to your website.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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