Tips for YouTube Success in Business

by Wendy Chamberlain on July 14, 2014

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Videos are a powerful tool that every business owner should be using in their internet marketing strategy. It’s free to create a YouTube account and to post videos. Master how to leverage this amazing tool and you’ll be setting up your business for success using the number 2 search engine – YouTube!

So, what are some of basics you need to know?

Make a clear video.

SWW video

Make sure that your video is clear so that people will be encouraged to watch in its entirety. Think about how quickly it becomes annoying to watch a video that is boring or with poor audio, and you’ll get the idea. Remember that a good quality video with excellent audio can really be captivating. That’s what you want to achieve – to captivate your audience so that they continue to watch, not just that video today, but every video you post.

Add value to your videos.

SWW video how to tips

Include content that is going to have perceived value to your target market. It might be “how to” tips or success strategies. It really doesn’t matter, as long as it appeals to the audience you are trying to reach. Your aim is to get your viewer to consider you an expert in your field. Add value to everything that you do. It’s not about trying to sell. Build up a relationship first.

Create a channel.

SWW YT channel

When you create an account on YouTube, you instantly have a Channel. A Channel is basically your profile. Visitors to YouTube can then watch videos on your Channel to learn about what you do. Your Channel is customisable and you should take the time to personalise it so that viewers gain a greater understanding about you, your business and what you can offer them.

Add friends to your list.

Being a social networking site, YouTube also lets users invite friends to watch their videos. Make sure you let people know you have a YouTube Channel and encourage people to subscribe. That way they’ll automatically receive an email each time you upload a new video for them to watch.

Rate videos.

YouTube allows viewers to rate videos. You want to encourage visitors to rate your videos, as this helps with the ranking of your video in the search engines. If you see a great video, return the favour. When rating a video, consider not only the video itself but the information that is being shared. If you love it, rate it!

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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