Creating Search Engine Friendly Content using Articles

by Wendy Chamberlain on November 18, 2014

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Writing articles – you’ve probably heard how you should be doing it to drive traffic to your website – but where do you start?  What do you need to thing about when considering an article for publication?

Content is and should always be a major consideration when writing articles. As internet users search for the information that they need, whether it be on people, products or services, your content and how it ranks when they search onine is what is going to get your article read.

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While every writer aims to captivate their desired audience, you have to keep in mind that search engines are finding their way through the content of the many articles published in blogs, websites or directories.

Quality content means giving readers information that is useful, interesting, professional and well written with a clear message and the right keywords. So how do you write articles that will earn you a top search engine ranking? A great way is by using relevant keywords. Keywords are the words that web users type in the search box when they look for information on the internet.

What are the right keywords?  Only you know that, as it will be the words that relate specifically to your industry or business – ask yourself this: what do your customers and clients search for when they are searching for your products or services?   Still unsure?  Consider conducting a survey and directly seeking their thoughts and feedback.

These keywords should be ideally included in the title and in the body of the article preferably in the beginning and end. The article summary should also have these keywords included as much as possible.

In using keywords, you can include links. These links can be the source of your information or other web pages with relevant content. Including links is a great way of establishing your credibility in your particular field of expertise.

Give careful consideration to your keywords. Think first about the specific topic you will be writing on and then consider what words people will be searching for to find that topic.

Choose carefully and you’ll improve your chances of including the most appropriate and relevant keywords for your topic and get your article noticed by the search engines.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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