Why You Need To Be On Social Media Sites Used By Your Target Market

by Wendy Chamberlain on January 12, 2015

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Social media is growing by the day and with numerous social networking sites in existence these days, it can be a real challenge to manage various accounts on different sites. While connecting on these sites can be fun and fulfilling, it can also be time consuming and demanding.

For this reason, business owners who have established an online presence need to make sure to choose only the ones where their target audience hang out. It is not a good idea to be in every social networking site which you can’t fully manage on a daily basis.

If possible, select the best sites which can help you reach out and engage with your target market. Just make sure that you know who your potential or existing customers and the type of content they are interested in.



To those who want to reach a broad network, Facebook is the right choice. This top social media site is popular among both the younger users and adults.

You will not go wrong by using Facebook because it has the most number of users and is still the mostly widely used site today. This means that you are assured of enjoying a high level of engagement here.


LinkedIn can be fully utilized by those in the business to business (B2B) or another industry. It is useful in sharing insights on finding work, making business connections and thinking about your job.

The site not only allows sharing updates and links to interesting and valuable articles but also allows publishing of articles. You can also create a personal profile and a company page at the same time.


Twitter is a good site for reaching both men and women including the younger internet users. If you want to share information such as news and insights that business owners can use, the site is a great choice.

Just take note that only short messages (140 characters) are allowed. A great new feature is the ability to post photos on the site.

Pinterest and Instagram

If you know your customers are visual people, then being on Pinterest and Instagram is a good idea. These two sites are also ideal for business owners selling physical products that they offer both online and offline.

What’s important is you consider your target market’s interests and determine whether they are likely to make buying decisions by viewing images of your products.

If your products are geared towards women, Pinterest is the right social networking site for you.

Instagram, on the other hand, appeals to both men and women.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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