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by Wendy Chamberlain on February 16, 2015

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Twitter continues to be the top social networking site with 284 million active users every month and 500 million tweets each day. These figures are a big leap since the platform’s launch in 2006.

During its almost a decade of existence, Twitter has also made changes in its various features. And today, users have more ways to boost Twitter experience with the new features added to the site.

Add a Photo

Photos are a great way to attract people to your post and Twitter now allows its users to upload a photo to go with their tweet. To do this, just click the camera icon below the box where you type your tweet and upload your photo.

Twitter add photo

And take note, you can add not just one but up to four photos to a single tweet. When you upload four photos, they will show as a collage in your Twitter timeline. However, when one photo is clicked, it will display the full picture.

It is also now possible to send photos via direct messages.

Tag a Photo

Along with this photo-sharing feature is the ability to tag up to 10 people in one Twitter photo. The tags are not included to your 140-character count limit hence, a user is allowed up to 10 tags. Do remember, however, that you can no longer remove tags from your photo once you have tweeted it.

Similar to Facebook, a person you tag on your photo will get a notification. He or she can then freely delete the tag.

Add Location

Another thing you can do to your tweet now is add a location. By default, this feature is disabled.

Twitter location in tweet

But if you would like to include your location in your tweets, just hover your mouse on the location marker and a popup will appear. Click the blue Turn location on button and immediately, your current location will be shown.

Twitter location in tweet 2

You also have an option to choose a location already listed in the dropdown menu or search for a location via the search field at the top of the location menu.

Twitter location in tweet 3

Be careful, however, when using this feature particularly when using Twitter for Android and iOS which can display your precise location including the latitude and longitude. Be sure to choose wisely the updates that you would like your location to be known.

Keep in mind that you can always turn on and off this location feature any time you want.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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