How to Add a Call-to-Action Button to a Facebook Page

by Wendy Chamberlain on March 23, 2015

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Facebook continues to improve its features and today, those who own or manage a business page have something new to add to attract more followers.

Called the Call-to-Action button, this new feature is available on Facebook pages and is shown on the Timeline cover photo beside the Like button. Its objective is to encourage followers to take action right from your page whether you want them to sign up for a newsletter or purchase from your online shop. With this new functionality, Facebook followers don’t have to go to your site to take action.

Steps to Add the Call-to-Action Button

To add this new Call-to-Action button on your Facebook page, click the Create Call-to-Action button just below your Timeline cover photo.

Facebook page create call to action 5

Next, choose a call to action and destination URL you want it to link to.

Facebook page create call to action

Click the small down arrow from the Choose a Button option to display the choices. The default shows the Shop Now option but you change it to another one depending on your preference. Other options available are Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up and Watch Video.

From there, you should provide the website URL. You may also add your mobile website URL if you have any.

Facebook page create call to action 2

The next pop up will show you options where you want people using iOS to be directed when they tap the Call-to-Action button on their iPhone or iPad. You can choose between website and app.

Facebook page create call to action 3

From there, you will also have to choose a destination for people using Android. The same two options are available.

Facebook page create call to action 4

Once you’re done, you can click the Create button and your Call-to-Action button will immediately be displayed on your cover photo.

Facebook page create call to action button

How to See Clicks to Your Call-to-Action Button

Once you have created your button, you can monitor the number of people who have clicked through your page’s call-to-action button.

Simply hover over your button and then hover over the See Insights option. This will show you the number of clicks your button received in the past seven days.

How to Edit Call-to-Action Button

To edit your button, go to your page and hover over the button. Select the Edit call-to-action option and choose the new one you would like to show on your page.

Facebook page create call to action 6

If the destination URL is different, make sure to change it. Then click Save Changes.

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