How to Use Pinterest’s Messaging Feature

by Wendy Chamberlain on May 25, 2015

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Being able to communicate privately within a platform is one of the main features of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest has also followed suit allowing pinners to enjoy private conversations about their pins and shared pins.

With Pinterest’s new messaging feature, users can now discuss their favorite pins without using any app or without having to leave the site. This developed after the launch of the Send a Pin feature which let users share interesting Pins whether on or off the site but which lacked the ability to allow them to continue their conversation.

Pinterest messages

This feature, however, is not like those on other social networks because of the absence of a contact list. According to Pinterest Product Manager Michael Yamartino, their goal is to enable messaging to empower the way people use the platform and not make it as a purely messaging service.

Pinterest’s messaging allows not only one-on-one conversations but also group discussions. A group conversation can accommodate up to 10 people.

How Pinterest Messaging Works

To send a message, you can start by sending a Pin to a friend. To do this, hover over a pin and click the Send button.

Pinterest messaging

A new box will then show up where you can add a message and select friends with whom you’d like to share the pin.

Pinterest messaging 2

To continue the conversation, click your avatar or thumbnail photo on the bottom left and add your message on the box that will show up.

Pinterest messaging 3

You can simply click the X in the corner of each avatar if you longer want to respond. On the website, people conversing privately through the messaging feature can still the content on their feed.

With this new functionality on Pinterest, more people can interact and even collaborate on a project in a private manner right on the platform. As an example, couples can discuss about their meals, families can plan their vacations and those working on a project can share ideas without having to leave the site.

Another way to send a pin and message is by clicking the notification icon next to your profile name on the top right of the page. A drop down menu will then appear and there, you can click the + New message button. Next, type the name of the pinner you want to contact or select from the names provided below.

Pinterest messaging 4

Then click Next on the top right of the box and drag a pin to it. You can just send a pin but if you want to add a message, you can type it in the bottom part of the box. Take note also that you can drag more than one pin to the message box.

Pinterest messaging 5

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