How to Improve Your Public Profile on LinkedIn

by Wendy Chamberlain on June 8, 2015

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LinkedIn is one networking site that can greatly help in marketing a business. Any user just needs to create a comprehensive profile to ensure that people are knowledgeable of his or her expertise and business offerings.

Not many people are aware that one can actually have two types of profile on the site. These are the profile that only LinkedIn users can see and the public profile which can be viewed by non-LinkedIn users or anybody who is searching for a specific area of expertise.

Being easily searchable makes a big difference in attracting more audience to what you do and your business offering. As such, your goal should be to ensure that people can find your public profile when they use the search engines.

Public Profile Settings

The very first step you need to take is to edit your public profile settings on LinkedIn. Click your thumbnail photo at the top right of the page and choose Privacy & Settings from the dropdown menu.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Public Profile

On the next page in the middle, look for the Edit your public profile link below Helpful Links.

How to Improve Your Public Profile on LinkedIn

When you see your public profile, you can add details through the right column. Just check the boxes corresponding to the information you want to show. You can choose to display only a few information or your full profile covering all sections. When you’re done, click Save.

LinkedIn public profile

Be sure to allow anyone including non-LinkedIn users to view your public profile.

Add Keywords

Adding keywords is also important as it can optimize your profile and let people easily find you when they use search engines. Keywords can be included in your summary, job descriptions or headings.

To determine the right keywords to use that are relevant to your busiess, you can use the search feature of LinkedIn. The results on the platform will let you see where you placed and which users are ahead of you.

To gain more insight, you can view the profiles of those ahead of you and find out how often they use the keyword similar to yours.

Customize Public Profile URL

After you’ve added details to your public profile, don’t forget to customize your profile URL. You can find this on the right column of your public profile page.

To edit, just click the small pencil icon on the right of your URL. Hit Save when you’re done.

How to Improve Your Public Profile on LinkedIn

The importance of a custom URL is it will allow your public profile to place higher in Google search results. You can use your name or the name of your business for easy recall.

Add Recommendations

Another section to consider is the Recommendations. Your public profile shows the number of recommendations you have although they cannot see what’s written and who wrote them.

Just the same, make sure to ask colleagues for recommendations and do the same for them. Keep in mind that what people say about you is an effective social proof.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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