How To Use Video To Gain Traffic

by Wendy Chamberlain on June 29, 2015

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Videos make great marketing tools. Being both in audio and visual format, it has a bigger chance of capturing your target market’s attention and connecting your products and services with them.

There are many ways videos can help promote your business. What’s important is you come up with a solid idea and create crisp and clear video that can easily grab attention.

Boost Conversions

Experts point out that from 64 percent to 85 percent of website visitors are likely to buy a product after watching a video. Short videos are best to produce if you want to capture your target market’s attention.

In creating a video, you can feature only photos with some text and background music or simply a slideshow with voiceover. This is ideal if you’re offering a product.

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If you’re offering a service, you can create a video with you explaining how your service works and what solutions you provide to your audience. Or you can just use screenshots to show people how to use your website.

Gain Traffic

An effective way to gain traffic is by creating how-to videos. Tutorial videos that teach people how to solve certain problems have a good chance of attracting internet users. Surveys have shown that almost one in three millennials claimed to have bought a product after watching a tutorial video.

How-to videos can be of various types. You can show the steps using your computer screen with you explaining them. Another way is to create graphics and a slideshow with text instructions.

If you’re promoting a product, you can show the ways to use it. But avoiding promoting your product in the video. Your goal is to help people solve certain problems.

Do include relevant keywords and meta descriptions about your video. It would also be beneficial if you add transcripts of your voiceover.

Take note that among Google’s keyword search results, 52 percent are videos and 82 percent of them are on YouTube.

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Testimonials can also be made into videos instead of the usual text with a photo of your customer. You can record testimonials during an event or you can invite some of your loyal customers near you to your store or office.

Screencasts are another great way to gain visitors and help them onboard. You can use them to answer frequently asked questions on the FAQs page on your website instead of putting text. This step will not only establish your credibility but it will also help people learn better in a visual manner.

Businesses and marketers using videos are enjoying great results and you can achieve the same if you consider making videos to promote your product or service today.

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