How to Boost Engagement via Social Media Content

by Wendy Chamberlain on September 2, 2015

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Social media engagement should not be difficult as long as you have the time to do it. It is a must even for business owners because it is one way of reaching out to your target audience and getting their feedback on what you’re offering.

Here are simple steps you can do to start conversations on social media and get to know your target market.


Ask Questions

An effective way to encourage people to reply to your post is by asking questions. This presents a good opportunity for your audience to share their views and knowledge on your chosen topic. It will also give you insights into your target market that can guide you in making your marketing decisions.

Take note that when you ask questions, you show you that care for the opinions of your followers.

Share Humorous and Lighthearted Content

People from all walks of life are busy with their responsibilities every day but when you are able to share content that’s lighthearted and with a little humor, you’re sure to elicit a smile and help ease the stress. So if you see content that makes you smile or laugh a little, go ahead and share it with your audience. It can be a quote, an image with text or a short video clip.

Give a Glimpse of Your Personal Life

It won’t hurt if you share a little of your personal life with other people particularly your followers. Business owners can do this to let their audience know that they’re also human and working hard to meet their goals.

Companies can also show the behind the scenes of their daily operations or maybe the events they organize.

Share Quotes that Inspire

Provide inspiration to your customers and followers by sharing meaningful and positive quotes. Posts on social media that use quotes are very popular but when you choose quotes, make sure your customers can relate to them.

An image with a quote normally attracts more attention. You can create your own by choosing a beatiful image and add text to it. You can also add your brand logo to it.

Repost Old Blog Posts

It’s fine to reuse and re-share old blog posts particularly if they are still very relevant to the times. Schedule them so they can be promoted to a new set of audience.

You can also update your blog post first if you think there is new information that need to be included.

Share Posts from Other Blogs

Another way to boost your social media engagement is by curating content that your audience will appreciate and find useful in their personal and professional lives. Share posts from other blogs or social media accounts to provide valuable content to your audience and establish relationships with other people.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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