How to Improve Your Marketing on Twitter

by Wendy Chamberlain on December 28, 2015

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Twitter remains to be widely used not just by individuals but also by businesses wanting to reach their target audience. Brands have also been taking advantage of the platform as part of their marketing strategy.

Latest statistics show that an estimated 63 percent of the world’s top brands have more tahn 100,000 followers on Twitter while 92 percent of international brands tweet more than once on a daily basis. On the average, 42 percent of these international brands post 10 tweets per day. In addition, retailers and restaurants are said to be the most engaging industries on Twitter.

Whether you are new to Twitter or are already using it for your business, here are ways you can improve on your marketing on the platform.

Don’t Include Links

When tweeting, it is best not to include links. Studies have shown that tweets without links attract more engagement.

You may, however, alternate your tweets with and without links to find out for yourself which attract more people. Keep in mind that establishing relationships is more important on Twitter than simply sharing links.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a must in Twitter if you want to attract people. But make sure that you use the right ones and you don’t overdo it.

To find the appropriate hashtags, you can use several tools such as Hashtagify and RiteTag. Hashtagify lets users search for a hashtag using its search box while RiteTag lets you determine the relevance of your hashtags.

Include Images

Adding images to your tweets is a great way to attract people. It makes your tweet stand out and gets more engagement.

There are tools to help you with this such as Twitshot which can be used in any browser. It is available as a Chrome extension and iOS app.

What Twitshot does is find images relevant to the url you want to share. Simply type in your tweet in the Twitshot box and paste the url you want to share and you will then be provided with several relevant images.

Use the Righ Format

It’s also important to tweet using the right format. The text should come first followed by a link and the @mentions. From there, you can add the hashtags and your desired image.

You should only start your tweet with an @Mention if you’re replying. Keep in mind that a regular tweet that starts with an @Mention will only be seen by people who follow both accounts.

Tweet at the Right Time

Time is also important when tweeting. As such, you need to know where your target audience is located so you can determine the best time to tweet to them.

You can find the locations of your followers through the Twitter Analytics. You can then use Tweriod to find out the best times to tweet to your specific audience. Take note that it is always best to tweet your followers when they’re online hence, you need to do your research.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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