YouTube Has New Requirement for External Links in Videos

by Wendy Chamberlain on October 9, 2017

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YouTube now has a new and stricter requirement for users who want to include links to their websites in their videos. While it’s still possible to include your website link in the description box, those who want to do so via their video cards need to follow several steps from now on.

A major step here is to become a member of the YouTube Partner Program and the requirement to be eligible for this is to have at least 10,000 public views. This may not be easy to achieve particularly for small creators including small businesses.

YouTube implemented this new policy in May this year in an effort to prevent fraudulent people from abusing other users’ videos and copyrighted content. Many users have been complaining about their videos being used and claimed by others and earning money from them.

According to the team behind the popular video-sharing platform, the goal of the YouTube Partner Program is to check the validity of the user’s channel and to ensure that each channel is adhering to the community guidelines and advertiser policies.

How to Add Links to Video Cards

Since May, YouTube users are no longer allowed to edit their video cards. The platform now requires users to monetize their channel if they want to add links to their videos and this can be done in three steps.

1. Users including businesses need to join the YouTube Partner Program. Only non-profits are exempted from this.

2. The next step is to associate your website in your Google account. This can be done via the Advanced Channel Settings. If you have already done this, you can then verify if you own the website or request approval to have the site’s owner approve it.

3. The last step is to add a card on videos that you want to link to your website.

Do keep in mind that when adding links to video cards, you can choose the different web pages you want to highlight and not necessarily just the home page.

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By Wendy Chamberlain
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