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There’s nothing worse then looking at a website on a mobile phone that is not mobile ready…

You know what I mean!

You have to expand the screen, you can barely see where the ‘contact us’ tab is, the navigation tabs are virtually invisible and the text is so small you don’t even bother!

This is exactly what this site you’re viewing right now, was like.

That is, until I got my good friend Ludwina Dautovic from digital new media agency to fix up my site.

Wow! What a difference.

Take a look below to see what I mean…

Talk about making it super easy for people searching using their smartphone or tablet device to better navigate my website.

I loved this change so much, I asked Ludwina to do something special for my own website visitors (you!).  And boy has she delivered.  More on that in a moment (or scroll to the bottom right now if you can’t wait… 😉  )

You should look at getting your site Mobile Ready too.

Here’s why…

Fact: If you’re not providing a user friendly experience of your site on a mobile phone, that user is highly unlikely to return to your site on their mobile device.

Question: So, how much traffic are you missing out on?

Fact: When Ludwina researched ‘hair and beauty Melbourne’ and refined the search for mobile devices with full internet browsers for her client ‘Raimondi Hair and Day Spa’, there are 1,600 people searching per month on a mobile device with that term. Essentially, Ludwina’s client was potentially missing out on 1,600 possible clients per month! Now that her client has a mobile website she has the opportunity to appear in those searches and turn them into $$.

As you can see from the graphic above, the results in the first month have been phenomenal! She’s had 17 calls directly from the mobile site and 228 total visits!

Great work Ludwina!

What difference would 17 new calls directly to your business make to you?

Some of the features of a mobile website include:

A clear, easy to see ‘click to call’ button on the website making it easy for your clients to call.

The auto sync feature will automatically update your mobile website when you make changes to your main site.

The Google Maps feature makes it really easy to not only find your business but navigate their way to it!

All the main Social Media sites can be added to your mobile site making it easy to connect and share.

Take a Look at the Before and After Shots of Some of Ludwina’s Other Clients

I get access to new customers and clients

“I had no idea what I needed to do in terms of having a mobile website but Ludwina helped me understand it and then converted my website so that it’s mobile ready. The technology is fantastic and I’m so grateful Ludwina convinced me that I needed it.

Now I’m mobile and I can get access to new customers and clients.”

Ian McKenzie –

I think it’s pretty easy to see how making your website mobile ready is really going to have a positive impact for you and your business, when people are searching online.

Mobile Ready Websites

Price includes full mobile website including click to call, Google maps, social media, auto sync and videos. A hosting fee of $132 will be charged annually.

All this for just
$679 $547

Special “Mates Rates” just for you!

That’s right.  I asked Ludwina to do a special offer just for visitors to this page, a “Mates Rates” special, and she has certainly delivered.

If you’re one of the first 10 to order, you’ll receive a full mobile website with click to call, Google Maps, social media, auto sync and videos, all for $547 (including GST).

Not only that, when you mention my name (Wendy Chamberlain), Ludwina will make you a short five minute video showing you how much better your website can look on a mobile.  Plus, she’ll share the Google stats for how many people are searching on a mobile device for your keywords.  That alone is valued at $47.00

But once those first 10 are gone, you miss out on the extra goodies and you’ll pay full price.

That’s fair right?  Take action and be rewarded.  Makes perfect sense.

To find out more information or to speak with Ludwina and her team directly on how to get your website “mobile ready”, give Ludwina a call on +61 3 9017 0173 or check out her website by clicking here.  Alternatively, email Ludwina here.

With warm regards,

Wendy Chamberlain Online Engagement Strategist

P.S.:  Ludwina’s clients are getting fabulous results.  So can you.  Speak with Ludwina directly today by clicking here.

P.P.S.:  As we move into 2013, a “mobile ready” website is a must, not a maybe.  Get your questions answered by giving Ludwina and her team a call on +61 3 9017 0173 or sending an email to Ludwina here.

P.P.P.S.: The first ten to act grab an additional $49.00 worth of goodes when they mention my name (Wendy) to Ludwina.  That’s on top of a fabulous price.  Why wait? Call Ludwina now on +61 3 9017 0173.

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Lisa April 17, 2013 at 9:24 am

Hi Wendy!

Love that you showed the before and after! We are becoming such a “mobile” society – doing everything on our phones. Why not, they are so convenient. Mobile ready websites are a must, especially as we more and more mobilized.

Thanks for suggesting a great resource to help get it done!
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Wendy Chamberlain April 17, 2013 at 11:29 am

Thanks Lisa,
Agreed, we’re such a mobile society these days it’s important to have a website that accommodates those on the move.


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